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The Top Hardest Courses in Nigeria

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The Top Hardest Courses in Nigeria


It is completely fallacious to refer to any course or discipline offered in the University or institution in general, as being easy. However, there are some with high level of conceptual difficulties which are hardly intelligible or are very difficult to grasp.
Just to clarify what I mean, I would reveal to you an experience I had in grade classes since i along with my colleagues were taught almost all subjects to enable us judiciously choose between act and science, a custom which still remains today in every secondary schools. We had the nerds, the average students and those students who did not really take their academics with solemnity. The nerds would usually shine out with 90+% in almost all exams, however there were some subjects with more complicated concepts that even the highest score can be considered averagely good. These subjects can be said to be harder in some way than other subjects. It is however pertinent to take into cognizance the fact that some students may find these very hard courses I am about to list out below more intelligible than others subjects with minimal conceptual difficulties.
Without further ado, I would be revealing the top hardest courses offered in most Nigerian institutions

Top Hardest Courses below;

Medicine and surgery:

This course is rated the first most difficult course to study in Nigerian Universities because it deals with one of the most critical and complex concept and that is " human life".  The delicacy of life has made the discipline conform to a more complex and dedicated practice. The discipline of medicine also Incorporate the knowledge of other very difficult fields including biochemistry, pharmacy, microbiology and others, to ensure students are not lacking behind in any knowledge pertaining to the human life.
In almost all Nigerian Universities, students of the medical field are impelled to learn under the condition where "F", "E", and  "D" grades are not tolerated


The chemistry discipline is almost as difficult as the discipline of medicine. The discipline has really thrown a lot of students off balance.
Success in the discipline of architecture can never be accidental or achieved unconsciously. It is a tough discipline that requires not only dedicated time to hard work but also requires personal talent.


Mechatronics engineering:

All engineering degree are extremely tough cause the concepts are deep and sometimes obscure. In addition to its complexity in practice, students are required to the problems solvers when it comes to handling the complex concept in engineering mathematics.
I however had to list out the field of mechatronics engineering first in this list of engineering because it is a multi-disciplinary field that conglomerate other engineering principles to truely produce a consummate engineered system

Electrical/ electronics engineering

Chemical engineering

Petroleum engineering

Software engineering

Mechanical engineering

Civil engineering

Electronics/ computer engineering

Mining engineering

Industrial engineering

Applied mathematics: 

Mathematics is indubitably a difficult subject to most students in grade classes. Applied mathematics however can be very difficult, as it concept are aimed towards a solving real life practical problems in science and engineering using numerics and other mathematical abstracts.




Pure and industrial chemistry


English and literature

Computer science


Human anatomy

This list of "top toughest/difficult courses to study in Nigerian Universities should not be misinterpreted as courses to study with high career opportunities.
It is necessary to pursue your dream course regardless of how hard it may be.

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