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Career Opportunities for Financial Accounting Graduates in Nigeria

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Career Opportunities for Financial Accounting Graduates in Nigeria


Accounting as a course
in Nigeria is a very popular discipline
which offers you myriad of opportunities to fit into almost any Enterprise or industry. Before I could reveal the interesting opportunities that comes with being an accounting graduates in this our country, Nigeria, it would be of great importance to enlighten you a bit on what accounting is all about.
Accounting can be said to be the development and use of a system for recording and analyzing the business transactions and financial status of a business or other organization.
Accounting can also be said to be the  systematic and detailed recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business, and it also refers to the process of summarizing or abridging, analyzing and reporting these transactions to agencies, organization or those in demands of the information.
Accounting is a paramount function in any Enterprise. As evidence of it's great necessity, its practice are found to be demandingly Incorporated in both small and medium enterprises and large enterprises.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is simply that field of accounting that is interested in the financial planning in any enterprise. Financial accounting can therefore be seen as the process of framing financial policies in relation to procurement, investment and administration of funds of an enterprise, organization or institution.
Financial accounting is therefore the process of recording, summarizing and reporting the variegated number of transactions arising from the continuity of business operations over a period of time. These transactions are summarized in the preparation of financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement etc.

Job Opportunities and Career Options in Financial Accounting

·         Accounting teacher in both the secondary and tertiary level of education
  • ·         Bookkeeper
  • ·         Billing Clerk
  • ·         Auditing Clerk
  • ·         Accounting Clerk
  • ·         Corporate Controller
  • ·         Information Technology Accountants
  • ·         Risk and Compliance Professionals
  • ·         Managerial Accountant
  • ·         International Accountant
  • ·         Chief Financial Officer
  • ·         Cost Accountant Manager
  • ·         Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Specialists
  • ·         Budget Analyst
  • ·         Cost Estimator
  • ·         Auditor
  • ·         Treasury Analyst
  • ·         Tax Accountant
  • ·         Credit Analysis Manager
  • ·         Payroll Clerk
  • ·         Book-keeping expert
  • ·         Finance Director
  • ·         Accounting Software Developer
  • ·         Senior Financial Analysts
  • ·         Spectator Sports Accounting
  • ·         Senior Financial Analysts
  • ·         Managerial Accountant

Skills Requirements for Accounting Graduates in Nigeria and beyond

The practice of accounting is mandatory effort that must be incorporated in every serious enterprise regardless of it's size. It is therefore a very delicate task that requires serious minded and sagacious individuals. The following can be viewed to be the skill requirements every employee would hope to see in all accounting graduates;
  • Organization: Organization remains a principal skill necessary to be exhibited in every good accountant. This skill must influence the handling and presentation of financial statements even to the mode of dressing of individual.
  • Time management.
  • Tenacity to voice out necessary contribution that will promote growth
  • Leadership.
  • Passion/ predilection for any given task
  • integrity.
  • Nimble ability to evaluate financial records
  • Adaptability
  • organisational skills and ability to manage deadlines.
  • Cooperation and teamwork.
  • Good communication skills.

Admission Requirements for the study of Financial Accounting in Nigeria

The O'level subject combination and requirements needed to study Financial Accounting;
You require; Five SSCE credit passes including English Language, Mathematics, Economics and two other relevant subjects.
For UTME, please note that English Language is Compulsory for this course. Therefore, the three (3) other JAMB UTME subject combination needed to study Financial Accounting under the Faculty of Social & Management Sciences in the above Universities include;
Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject.


  • University of Port-Harcourt
  • Achievers University
  • Ajayi Crowther University
  • Adamawa State University
  •   Benson Idahosa University
  •  Bingham University
  •   Covenant University
  •   Crawford University
  •    Novena University
  •  Paul University
  •   Redeemer's University
  •   Salem University
  •  Samuel Adegboyega University
  • Crescent University
  •   Federal University, Ndufu-alike
  • Federal University, Otuoke
  •   Fountain University
  • Joseph Ayo Babalola University
  •  Kaduna State university
  •  Kogi State University
  •  Niger Delta University
  •  Nigeria Turkish Nile University
  •  Tansian University
  •   Taraba State University
  •   Yobe State University

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