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Top Best Affordable Courier Services in Nigeria

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Top Best Affordable Courier Services in Nigeria


Before now, The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) was in charge of providing courier services in Nigeria. However, as a result of the incompetence arising from its services, an opportunity was created for investors to finally display what they had got.

The post aims to deliver to you information about the best courier services in Nigeria. When we talk about the best courier services in Nigeria, there is always a need to draw attention to the cost of service. Therefore, I will not only provide you with courier services with an effective service but I will also be considering their cost of service as well.

Best and Cheap Courier Services in Nigeria

  1.     EMS Speedpost:

EMS Speedpost happens to be the best courier services on this list. EMS speedpost has gathered a whole lof of experience ever since its inception. EMS speedpost is not new to the business of courier services at all, it has emerged since the year, 1986.

EMS speedpost provide quick delivery and quality parcel handling to all the customers. The best part of it all is that the services offered by EMS speedpost are affordable even to the average Nigerians.

   2.     DHL

DHL is a courier service that you can count on. DHL has gathered a lot of experience since it has been engaged in the business of offering courier services to users for a very long time now.

It is one of the oldest and trustiest courier companies, not only in Nigeria but in the world as a whole.

A major challenge of the service offered by the DHL Courier Company is the high cost of the service is offered.

     3.     ABC Cargo:

ABC Cargo was founded in the 1990s with its head office situated in Owerri, Imo state. ABC cargo does not only provide quality courier service but their services are cheap as well.

ABC cargo does not offer only courier service but are also involved in shipment handling and they also offer supporting service to other courier and logistics companies.

ABC cargo operates a network of terminals and delivery points. ABC cargo is known for its reputable service which cuts across both individuals and organizations.

You can easily track your parcel or package with ABC cargo.

     4.     UPS:

United Parcel Service shortly known as UPS is another reliable and yet affordable courier service available in Nigeria. UPS is a well-experienced courier company that aims for optimum service delivery to all its users. United Parcel Service is an international courier company that can be found in almost all the countries of this big world of ours.

UPS will not disappoint, their service is affordable and of great quality.

   5.     GIG Logistics:

GIG Logistics is another popular and reputable courier service delivery company in Nigeria. It is a facet of God Is Good Transport Company. The services offered by GIG Logistics are affordable and you won’t get disappointed at its service.

Other Reliable Courier Service You Can Count On.

The below list will widen your choice in choosing a reliable courier service in Nigeria. These include:

·        Fedex

·        Sky Net World Wide Express Nigeria

·        Air Express

·        Red Star

·        Rowsy International Limited

·        Creaseada International Limited

·        Zenith Carex International Limited

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