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Librarian Salary Scale in Nigerian Universities

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Librarian Salary Scale in Nigerian Universities



Librarians that offer their services in Academic libraries are known as academic librarians.
Academic Libraries are libraries that are attached to institutions of higher learning such as colleges of education, polytechnics, universities, etc. Their core mandate is to provide access to collections sufficient in quality, quantity, diversity (all formats), and currency to support research, teaching and learning objectives of the parent institution (higher institution).
Academic librarians can be seen as a facet or part of the non-academic divisions in an academic institution.
To be a member of staff in an academic library is truly a huge deal because one would be accorded with almost the same respect as lecturers in the higher institution.
Just the same way the rank of lecturers are broken up into various levels according to qualifications and years of experience, the ranks of librarians working in an academic library is also broken down into three main divisions according to academic background and years of experience.

Level of Academic Librarians in Nigerian Universities

There are three major divisions of the ranks of academic librarians. This division influences the dispensation of tasks among the various members of staff in an academic library.

1. Non- Professional Staffs:

These members of staff working in an academic library do not have any qualification that portrays efficiency as a librarian. In other words, staffs of these level only posses O level result.
These staffs are not found performing core librarian jobs.

2. Para-Professional Staffs:

Members of staff in an academic library that posses a diploma degree in a field related to “Library and Information science” are given the ranks of Para-professionals. These staffs act mostly as assistance to the professional librarians.

3. Professional Librarians:

These are a  member of staffs working in an academic library that has acquired at least a Bachelors Degree in fields/ disciplines related to “Library and Information science”. There members of staffs with Bachelors degree, Masters Degree and Doctorate degree in an academic library are known as professional librarians.
Professional librarians are known to head the important divisions in an academic library. It is from this division that I will draw out the salary structure of Librarians in an academic library.
Although this division would not be explained fully, click this post to get detailed information about the various divisions of the academic library.

Divisions that exists in the Various Academic Libraries in Nigeria, as well as the Associated Salary Received by Members of Staffs in that Division;

For an academic library to perform optimally, it is divided into different divisions. These divisions enable the task to be shared and therefore facilitates the smooth dispensation of services in other to meet the never-ending needs of the academic library’s patrons.
There are five major divisions of an academic library. They are;

1. Administrative Division:

The University Librarian remains the executive head of the entire operations of the library. He/she is therefore paid highly well even than all other staff in an academic library. 
Salary: monthly; 600, 000 NGN 

2. Public/ Reader service Division:

The salary structure of staffs in the readers’/public service division cannot be drawn out without the mention of the various sections under this division.
Under this division, we have the following section/ unit;
  •         Circulation Section:

There is more than one librarian working under this section. However, this section is headed by a professional librarian who will be in charge of supervision, evaluation and reporting feedback to the University Librarian. 
Salary of Head of Staff of the Circulation Section/ Department: NGN300, 000
Salary of other staffs under this section: N50, 000 –N120, 000 depending on the level of rank.
  •        Reference Section

Salary of Staff in the Reference:
Faculty Librarian: Faculty Librarians work hand-in-hand with the various faculties in the academic institution to ensure that the library is meeting up with the needs of the faculty.
Salary Structure of Faculty Librarians: NGN250, 000-NGN300, 000

3. Technical Services Division: 

This division includes section;
  •         Acquisition Section:

Salary of Head of the Acquisition Section: NGN 300, 000
Other staffs in the department: NGN 50, 000 TO NGN 120, 000
  •        Cataloguing Section:

Salary of Head of Cataloguing Section: NGN 300, 000
Other staffs in this department/section; NGN 50, 000 TO 120, 000
  •         Serials Section:

Salary Structure of these Staffs: N50, 000 to NGN 120, 000
  •         Bindery Section

Salary of these Staffs: NGN 50, 000 to NGN 120, 000

4. Special Collection: 

Under this division, there is the;
·        Government Documents Section
Salary of these staffs: NGN 50, 000 TO NGN 120, 000

5. Bibliographic and Information Service Division:

Salary of Head of this Department: NGN250, 000 to NGN 300, 000
Other Staff in this division: NGN50, 000 to NGN 120, 000

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