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Latest Free-to-Air Channels and their Frequencies in Nigeria 2019

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Latest Free-to-Air Channels and their Frequencies in Nigeria 2019
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What is a Free-to-air (FTA)?

Free-to-air are radio services and television (TV) channels
broadcasted freely for anyone with the appropriate decoding device to view or listen to the content without any monetary charges or subscription.

Although, free-to-air channels can be accessed for free, they may be some restrictions set in place resulting from geographical boundary. You may be wondering how owners and staffs managing a free-to-air channel may build up financial wealth from what they do. Well, there are different ways free-to-air (FTA) channels make income. One of the most common ways is commercial advertisement.

Why Subscribe for Paid Channels when there are Free-to-air Broadcasts



Free-to-Air are free channels and radio services. They can keep you informed providing the latest news update to you, and they can also be entertaining than free-to-air services.

How to Access Free-to-Air Services

In other to access Free-to-air radio services or television (TV) service, you will need an appropriate decoding or receiving device. Some of these devices include;

   1.     A satellite Dish

   2.     A LNBH decoder

   3.     Radio Frequency cables

Installing the device is no biggie at all. It can be easily done by following the instructions on the manual it comes with. If this stills looks like a stuff nut to crack, you can hire the services of a professional installer.

Available Free-to-air Channels in Nigeria

Nigeria is the first African nation to incorporate television broadcasting. There are dozens of free-to-air channels, ready to entertain the Nigerian citizens.

A List of the Basic Free-to Air Channels in Nigeria

  • ·        AIT
  • ·        Channels TV
  • ·        Galaxy TV
  • ·        Silverbird TV
  • ·        NTA
  • ·        LTV
  • ·        TVC
  • ·        MBI
  • ·        Super Screen
  • ·        MITV
  • ·        AKBC
  • ·        Cool TV
  • ·        ITV

Channels in Nigeria with their Available Frequencies

In Nigeria, you can access so many free-to-air channels that can keep you entertained and updated 24/7

·        Multi TV (Astra 2F) at 28.2°, 28.5 and 26 East TP: 11595H: 30000 Dish: 1m

·        Mega choice at 29/30 Eats TP: 11294H: 45000 Dish: 1m

·        Hotbird at 13 East TP: 11541 H: 22000 Dish: 3m

·        AFN at 9 East TP: 11804 H: 27500 Dish: 1m

·        Eutelsat at 15 Eats Dish: 0.9m

·        Sirius 4 at 5 East Dish: 0.9m 

·        Eutelsat at 36 East TP: 12245H: 27500

·        Eutelsat at 7 East TP: 11599: H 27500

·        Intelsat 20 at 68.5 East TP: 12633H: 16166 Dish: 0.6m

·        Nss7 at 22 West TP: 10986 H: 30000 Dish: 0.6m

·        Ses at 4.8 East TP: 12014 H: 30000 Dish: 0.6m (0.9 recommend)

These free-to-air channels can be quite interesting. All you need to do is to invest your time in locating them. Once located, you tend to enjoy its benefits freely.

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