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Jobs in Canada without a Work Permit

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Jobs in Canada without a Work Permit


Do you wish to work in Canada but don’t know if you may be
qualified for a work permit? If so, you are reading the right article. There are several employment opportunities available in Canada. The best part of it is that these jobs do not require a work permit from candidates or applicants.
In this article, these job opportunities which of course do not require you applying with a work permit are revealed below.

Performing Artist: 

There is a lot of performing artist who works without any work permit. This is possible although may not be rated 10 out of 10, as some of the Canadian production may not require a work permit.

On-campus Work: 

You can work as a research assistant, teaching assistant, etc. on the campus of the school at which you study. You do not need a work permit to offer such service on the campus to which you are studying

Judges, Referees, and Related Officials: 

When involved in an international amateur sports contest, judges, referees, and related officials can work in Canada without a work permit.
Healthcare Students:
Students of medicine, nursing, and other healthcare professions can participate in a clerkship or practicum without a work permit.

Foreign Representatives:

 Foreign representatives do not require a work permit to work in Canada. Some of these officials include consular officials, diplomats, and representatives of another foreign nation.
Export Witness or Investigators:
Expert witness or investigator for a regulatory body, tribunal or court of law do not require a work permit to work in Canada.

Emergency Service Providers:

 Foreigners who come to Canada to provide emergency relief to Canadian or people in the country, Canada does not require a work permit.

Educational institution’s support: 

Academics who are training their students to attain the status of an academic may choose to take the students to Canada to fulfill such a task. Such students may not require a work permit.


 Athletes such as footballers, basketball players and so on do not require a work permit.

Crew Workers:

 As long as the transport company is not owned or registered by a Canadian company, crew members who happen to be foreigners will not require a work permit.

Business Visitors:

 Foreign visitors who engage in business or trade activities but are not allowed to enter the Canadian labor market are known as business visitors. It is pertinent to note that a business visitor’s primary source of income or compensation must not be from Canada and the nature of the job of that business visitor must be international.

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