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Simple Steps to Stop Masturbation Addiction Habit

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 Simple Steps to Stop Masturbation Addiction Habit



Masturbation is the gratification or satisfaction of one’s sexual desires through the rubbing, pressing
, stroking or fondling or other forms of handling of the sexual organ. Masturbation is practiced by both male and female but this habit is greatly practiced among males. Masturbation is a normal part of sexual development in the adolescent stage of life which may be practiced by everyone at some point in life.
In a more detailed sense, masturbation is not only the handling of the sexual organ still erection is achieved in males, but it also goes beyond that. After the initial excitement, it continues up to the point of intense sexual experienced and most often, until orgasm occurs. Masturbation can, therefore, be seen as a process of having sex with oneself.
Those who masturbate will agree with me that masturbation provides the same immense sexual pleasure when having sexual intercourse with the opposite sex. Therefore, it can be very addictive and difficult to escape.
When Can Masturbation Be Called an Addiction
As mentioned earlier, masturbation is a facet or part of sexual development in the adolescent stage of life and are practiced by almost everyone at some point in life. However, the habit becomes addictive when;
1.      It is sustained to adulthood
2.      It is practiced more than once a day, every day.
3.      It is among your option or list of recreational activities. That is, it is a must-do habit.
Why I Am Too Addicted to Masturbation
Although masturbation is practiced by almost everyone, some few tend to be very addictive to the habit. Normally, masturbation developed during the adolescent stage of life; a stage whereby the sexual organs becomes matured and active.
Masturbation is a way of responding to the feeling that comes with the maturation of your sexual organs. But when the sexual organs become too active; masturbation can become too frequent, leading to addiction.
There are certain factors that can stipulate that feelings of sex, these factors are listed under the causes of masturbation.
Is Masturbation Bad
Masturbation is a normal part of sexual development. However, an excess of everything is bad. When masturbation is practiced excessively, it has some dangerous effects on the body. Read about the effects of Masturbation.
 Causes of Masturbation| Reasons Why People Masturbate
There are several reasons why people masturbate excessively. Once you are able to identify the cause or reason for the addictive habit of masturbation, you would be able to conquer the addictive act of masturbating.

1.      Exposure to Sex Materials:

Exposure to sex materials can dangerously increase your sexual desires. Images, videos, magazines in both electronic and non-electronic format that displays nude and semi-nude images of both men and women are all examples of sex materials.

2.      Lateness in Marriage

Adults who are not married and do not have any companion to gratify their sexual desires are likely to develop masturbation addiction.

3.      Fear of Unwanted Pregnancy:

Some men and women abstain from having sex with the opposite gender because they fear the situation of unwanted pregnancy. In order to satisfy their sexual desires, they result in masturbation.

4.      A decision to be Faithful to their Partners:

In order to be faithful to their partners, some men and women would do all they can to avoid having sex elsewhere. However, when their partner is away, the only way to satisfy their sexual desires is to masturbate.

5.      Inability to build a relationship with the opposite sex for intimacy 

6.      Playing with the sexual organ of a young boy or girl can lead to masturbation addiction. 

Simple Step to Stop Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation is a very addictive habit. It victims may be found struggling for years to escape its stronghold. However, follow these simple steps to break free.

1.      There can be Several Relapses:

First, I want you to understand that there can be several relapses when trying to do away with the habit of masturbation. You may try as hard as you can but may fail repetitively. Well, it is not the end. Each and every time you try to stop the habit, you are making progress. So you need not give up. Be strong and well determined, you would defeat the habit.

2.      Make a Commitment:

Make a commitment not to masturbate. This will fuel your determination to fight the habit of masturbation with so much assiduity.

3.      Tell it to Someone:

A problem shared is a problem halved solved. Tell to tell someone that you concerning this issue. The most logical option is your parents. Another option is a reasonable adult or an elder. Do not be shy to tell them about the problem, they might have passed through that same issue. Like I said, almost everyone has tasted masturbation.
Please, do not tell others who are not so mature about this issue. They may desensitize you to it or they may paint the act a beautiful color to you. You should know that the act is not normal and you must escape from it.

4.      Pray About the Matter to God:

Try telling the matter to God every day. I have seen nearly impossible habits solved by prayer so your case cannot be different.

5.      Avoid Sex materials:

If you wish to destroy the habit of masturbation, then you need to avoid all forms of sex materials. Do not watch or view videos or pictures that display naked or half-naked people. Watching sex materials will only fuel the habit and destroy all the progress you have made in overcoming this habit.

6.      Shun Immoral Entertainment:

There are so many immoral entertainments displayed on TV programs on daily basis. Please, as advice to both parents and children, there are certain TV programs that should not be watched by children especially those at their adolescent stage. These programs may seem to be devoid of nude and semi-nude people but they are capable of stimulating sexual feelings in both adults and children.
Programs that excessive kissing is involved acts such as lying on each other and practicing sex (even when the characters are clothed) can stimulate sexual feeling and lead adolescent or even adult to masturbation.

7.      Examine Your Friends:

The type of friends you keep matters a lot. They determine how you actually are. If you are friends with those that take immoral sexual acts as fun or talks about sex all the time or loves masturbating, you are likely to become just like them.
So, examine your friends and cut them off if they are the cause of your masturbating habit.

8.      Watch Your Children (For Parents):

Your child can become addictive to masturbation if their sex organ is incited by housemaids or servants or anybody else. There are so many factors that can destabilize your child’s sexual life. So watch him/her well, try to ask them questions as frequently as possible. But do not be over-bothersome.

9.      Seek Medical Attention:

Masturbation can be a serious problem. It can continue as far as in your marriage. Sometimes there is a need to handle the situation medically.

10.  Be Productive:

Most times, a major cause of masturbation is idleness. Being productive is one of the best ways of dealing with the problem of masturbation. To be productive means to find something that you love (something far more pleasurable than masturbation) and spend your time doing it.
By doing something passionately productive, you will gradually forget about the act of masturbation.
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