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Post-Graduation Work Permit in Canada

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Post-Graduation Work Permit in Canada


Canada is truly a great place to study and also a great place to set up a career. Fortunately, the post graduation work permit program allows students who have
graduated from a participating Canadian post-secondary institution to be employed by employees in Canada, in other words, they can gain valuable work experience.
This experience gained is truly worth it. It will enable graduates gain practical skills professionally and would also expose students to benefiting from permanent residence immigration programs that reward Canadian work experience.
The validity of a post-graduate work permit is usually up to three years, depending on the duration of the study program completed by the applicant.
Post Graduate Work Permit Eligibility
In order to obtain post-graduate work eligibility, certain criteria must be meant by applicants. These include;
1.     Applicants must have a valid study permit when applying for the work permit
2.     Applicants must have continuously studied full time in Canada
3.     Applicants must have completed and passed the program of study and received a formal notification that indicates that they are eligible to obtain a certificate or degree or diploma.
The attended Educational Institution must be one of the Following;
1.     A private secondary or post secondary institution in Quebec offering qualifying programs of 900 hours or longer leading to a diploma of vocational studies or an attestation of vocational specialization (AVS)
2.     A public post-secondary institution such as a college, trade or technical school or university.
3.     A private secondary or post secondary institution that operates under the same rules and regulation as public institutions.
4.     A Canadian private institution authorized by provincial statue to confer degrees such as a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or Doctorate degree.
Duration of Work Permit
The duration of the post-graduation work permit is dependent on the duration of the study program.

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