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Different Visa Categories You Can Enter Canada With

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Different Visa Categories You Can Enter Canada With



Canada is a fascinating country to build up a life in. Canada provides a high standard
of living to its citizens. It is, therefore, a great and wonderful place to visit either for just fun or something more momentous. However, it would be impossible to visit this developed nation of the world without a visa, a visa exemption or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) if you are not a citizen or from another nation of the world.

What is a Canadian Visa?

A Canadian visa is a stamp on your passport which allows you to enter Canada. A Canadian visa can be seen more like a grant in permission for you to visit or enter the country, Canada.

Canadian Visa Categories

There are two general Canadian visa categories and these are;
Temporary Canadian visas
Permanent Canadian visas

Temporary Canadian Visas

These Canadian Visas allows foreigners to stay in the country only for a limited time for the purpose of visit, tourism, studying or working. This limited time that is associated with the temporary Canadian visa is decided by the Canadian Consulate or the Border Services Officers (BSO). Usually, the limited time uses to restrict foreigners with temporary Canadian visas is usually 6 months.
Types of Temporary Canadian visa

  1.     Single Entry Visa: 

This allows foreigners to enter and stay in Canada once for only 6 months in Canada but once that 6months elapses, they are back home, you know what I mean.

   2.     Multiple Entry Visa: 

   This allows the foreigner to enter Canada multiple times until their visa expires and stay temporarily.

Permanents Canadian Visa:

As the name goes, the permanent Canadian visa allows foreigners to move into Canada for as long as they like. In order words, the permanent Canadian visa allows foreigners to attain the status of a citizen. This visa is also known as the immigrant visa and they are of different types.

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