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Dangerous Side Effects of Masturbation Addiction| Reasons to Stop Masturbating

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Dangerous Side Effects of Masturbation Addiction| Reasons to Stop Masturbating

Side Effects of masturbation


So many people believe that there are no side effects associated with the habit of
masturbation even when over-practiced. This is normally due to the fact that masturbation is a normal part of the sexual development which occurs at the adolescent stage of life.
Masturbation can be a very strong form of addiction which of course provides those who masturbate with immense sexual pleasure. This sexual pleasure is similar to the same sexual pleasure that is enjoyed during sex with the opposite sex.
It is therefore asked by many people involved in masturbating why they should do away with the act since it may not results in any dangerous side effects. However, there are so many threats that masturbation can pose against its victims psychologically and physiologically.
It is pertinent to note that every act that is done excessively is bad and should be reduced.
This article would reveal to you the dangerous side effects of masturbation.

The Dangerous Side Effects of Masturbation Addiction

Just like other forms of addictions, masturbation may pose both psychological and physiological threat against those that practice it. Some of these include;
  1.      Fatigue: Those who are addictive to masturbation feel tired almost every time.
  2.      Lower back pain
  3.      Premature ejaculation
  4.      Too much masturbation would lead to a reduced response to other people touch.
  5.      Disorder of one’s sex life; inability to satisfy one’s wife because the energy and interest to perform well on the bed are used to masturbate.
The Effects of Masturbation Addiction Explained in Simple Detailed Below

Effects of Over-Masturbation in the Brain

When one masturbates, the brain gets excited and discharge hormones. Among these hormones that are discharge is the dopamine. The dopamine is sent to the posterior part of the brain. Dopamine undergoes several changes to become adrenaline.
Adrenaline plays an important roles. In the context of masturbation, adrenaline causes a sexual rush. This hormone leads to various adverse effects like an increase in blood pressure; this explains why some men are so breathless after masturbating.
After the orgasm has occurred, it is important that the body reconvert the dopamine to adrenaline. But, this can be a little hard as the levels of serotonin (a hormone that is necessary for the conversion) has fallen down. As a result of this, a lot of adrenaline is retained in the body. Retention of adrenaline in the brain can result in severe headaches and can also lead to pains on other parts of the body.

Over-Masturbation Could Drain You Badly

Masturbation is not just the handling of the sexual organ; it goes further to immense sexual pleasure until orgasm is achieved. When masturbation is practiced frequently, there is a continuous loss of the semen.
Continuous discharge of the semen would lead to continuous body weakness and premature ejaculation.

Masturbation Addiction is also a Source of Guilt

Masturbation can result to a lot of guilt when practiced abnormally, due to the point that masturbation may be seen as an immoral act. Most times, the guilt that is associated from practicing masturbation addiction can be resulted by the feelings of religious laws.  
To face continuous guilt each and every time you masturbate is not so easy. Guilt ruins peace to some large extent and may make one unhappy or depressed.
Although, masturbation does not kill its side effects should make you hate the habit and fight against it.

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