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Solutions to Unemployment in Nigeria

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Solutions to Unemployment in Nigeria



Before providing information on the solutions to unemployment in Nigeria, it is pertinent to be aware of the causes of unemployment and the effects of unemployment in Nigeria. Unemployment is one of the major causes of poverty in Nigeria. Poverty is a very bad disease. It has led to the desperation of many Nigerians. It is the strongest reason for crimes of all forms.
In other to extenuate unemployment or completely extenuate unemployment in Nigeria, certain measures must be considered.

Solutions to Unemployment in Nigeria

There are so many things which are considered as the solution of unemployment that must be considered before the unemployment rate in Nigeria would greatly decline. Some of the solutions to unemployment include;

1.      Improvement of Educational Standards

In other to extenuate the unemployment rate in Nigeria, there should be a reformation in the quality of education in Nigeria. There is a need for revival in both the theoretical and practical aspect of the educational system in Nigeria.
It is no longer a rumor that the practical skills of graduates in Nigeria are usually very poor due to the low-level of experience at the university. The practical, as well as the theoretical aspect of learning, shouldn’t be neglected in Nigerian schools.
An educational system of learning that is loaded with both theories and practical training of high quality would promote entrepreneurship and brilliant innovations which would lead to the growth of establishments which would lead to an increased rate in employment of both professional and non-professional staffs. In other words, knowledge plays an important role in the declination of the unemployment rate in Nigeria.
2.      Government Participation in the Issue of Unemployment
It is the duties of the Federal Government to handle cases or situations like unemployment in Nigeria. The Federal Government controls Nigeria’s prodigious wealth and resources not for the purpose of feeding their families but for the interest of the citizens of Nigeria.
As part of their duties, the Federal Government should actively fight against unemployment through the provision of quality and affordable schools for the poor, loan implementation, constant electricity supply and so on.

3.      Corrupt Leaders Should Be Dealt With:

Corrupt leaders are those egocentric political leaders who hate Nigeria so badly that they act against it downfall. They climb all the way to the top just too embezzled Nigeria’s fund. They do not care about the welfare of the Nigerians.
These corrupt leaders should not be pitied at all. There should be dealt with according to the constitution of Nigeria.

4.      Nepotism and Tribalism Should be Discourage:

Employers should seek and employ people who possess valuable skills needed to promote their establishment. The criteria for employment should not be based on familiarity. The hideous situation of “you must know somebody that knows me” before you can be employed should be highly discouraged.
There are a lot of dangers that are likely to happen to establishments that promote nepotism and tribalism. Among the problem is stagnation of such establishment due to lack of skilled and brilliant employees who has nothing to contribute to the establishment because they were employed under the umbrella of nepotism and tribalism.

5.      Mass Education Against Over-population:

Over-population is a big issue on its own. It is one of the causes of massive unemployment in Nigeria. If unemployment in Nigeria should be extenuated, then over-population must be considered as an enemy factor. Widespread education that discourages over-population should be conducted in Nigeria.

6.      Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has been a lifesaver in so many countries of the world. Entrepreneurship has helped a large number of Nigerians out of poverty. If entrepreneurship is greatly encouraged in Nigeria, unemployment and poverty would gradually leave. See business ideas to encourage Nigerians.

7.      Agriculture:

Agriculture is an important facet of the Nigerian economy. Agriculture can be practiced by anybody. It has the potential of generating a large amount of wealth for Nigerian and has what it takes to invite foreign investors. Agriculture should be taken seriously and should be practiced at a commercial level as a tool in facilitating employment in Nigeria.

8.      Increase in the Power Supply of Nigeria

The epileptic power supply in Nigeria is a cause of the downfalls of so many establishments in Nigeria. I am sure that Nigeria would experience amazing innovations by its citizens if the Nigerian power supply is very constant.
9.      Nigerians have a very great role to play to the detriment of unemployment in Nigeria. The truth is that so many Nigerians are very lazy, non-risk takers, ignorant etc. Even if Nigerian experiences a great development, there will still be tagged as unemployed. In other to reduce the unemployment rate, we need to be hard-working and encourage others to be hard-working as well.

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