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Effects of Unemployment in Nigeria

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Effects of Unemployment in Nigeria


Unemployment in Nigeria is a state of lack of job in the nation, Nigeria. This ugly situation has orchestrated the rise of so many unpleasant situations known as its effects.
Some of these effects are divulged to you for the purpose of enlightenment.

Effects of Unemployment to the Nation, Nigeria

1.      Increase in Crime-rate

One of the most common effects of unemployment in Nigeria is the increase in crime rate. When there is unemployment, poverty is around the corner. In the desperate quest to fight against poverty, crime may arise.

There are so many forms of crimes that are orchestrated by unemployment in this country, Nigeria. These crimes are so many and they are taken a new height in Nigeria. Some of these crimes include; cyber-theft, fraud acts also known as 419, armed robbery, theft, etc.

2.      Low Output of National Produce

As a result of the large-scale unemployment experienced in Nigeria, there is a low national output of produce. This situation is bad because Nigeria tends to import so many products which makes her a consumer nation. If Nigeria wishes to compete globally, she would have to grow above the importation of goods alone but also become a contributing nation.
However, Nigeria cannot meet the economic standards aspired for, as a result of the massive unemployment we are experiencing right now.

3.      Brain Drain

Brain drain is a situation whereby intelligent and skilled persons migrate from their country of residence to another country where there are employment and good pay of salary. Massive unemployment rate kills the passion that most Nigerians have for their country.
If migrating to developed part of the world was so easy and cheap, a lot of Nigerians would have migrated for a long time now. A lot of skilled and talented Nigerians that would have been of great impact to Nigeria have migrated out of the country.

4.      Poverty

Unemployment has led to large-scale poverty in Nigeria. As the unemployment rate went up this year to 23.10 percent in 2019, so did the poverty level of Nigeria.
Wrapping up
Unemployment in Nigeria is very dangerous. It has led to more effects than the ones mentioned above. If one could see all the troubles caused by unemployment in Nigeria, you would be really to join the few of Nigerians willing to bring an end to its effects.
Unemployment has led a lot of Nigerians to act very desperately; so many have committed suicide, ran into human bloody rituals for an instant solution and all sought of desperate acts. This is a serious act that cries out for a solution. 
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