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Unemployment in Nigeria| Causes, Effects and the Solutions

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Unemployment in Nigeria| Causes, Effects and the Solutions

unemployment in nigeria


 According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, unemployment is the state of having no job. Unemployment is, in fact, a very ugly situation that can be faced with any adult or youth. This hideous situation has chosen to creep its way into Nigeria. Unemployment rises in Nigeria is horribly fascinating.
23.10 percent of the total population of Nigeria was recorded to be unemployed. This recorded percentage of unemployed Nigerian is said to be higher than the other past’s records. This exasperating situation remains one of the major cries of the Nigerian citizens. However, it seems that nothing is being done about the issue of unemployment in Nigeria.
Fighting unemployment in Nigeria is necessary and therefore should be done without delay before we stand too weak to fight against its adverse consequences.
To surmount the tyranny of unemployment requires the knowledge of its cause. With the knowledge of its costs, Nigerians would be able to break their way free.

Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

1.      Corruption

Corruption entails illegal activities, immoral acts, nefarious behaviors etc. Corruption remains one of the major fuels of unemployment in Nigeria. Corruptions are mostly practiced by our political leaders. These political leaders use their authority and positions as an opportunity to embezzle and squander the money meant for millions of people.
Every year budgets are made; a lot of money is used to support these budgets but at the end of every year, very little are done by the Nigerian political leaders. The country is lacking industries, jobs, quality education and many more, but the money meant for these are used to meet the personal needs of these political leaders under the umbrella of corruption

2.      Nepotism and Tribalism

Nepotism and tribalism is dividing our nation, Nigeria into two. In most establishments in Nigeria, the criteria for the employment of job seekers is no longer qualifications and performance, it is now familiarity.
Most qualified citizens are hidden away from jobs by the web of nepotism and tribalism.

3.      Poor Vision of the Government

Politics is the authoritative allocation of values. In Nigeria, it is the sole responsibilities of the Federal Government to see to the affairs of the citizens of Nigeria and meet their needs. That is why they are given permission to control the wealth and resources of the nation.
With such prodigious and mighty wealth, a lot of companies and industries can be built, the quality of education can be increased, and unemployment can find its way out of Nigeria and so on. However, the Nigerian Government has poor vision for the country.

4.      Lack of Electricity:

Lack of constant power supply is a serious impediment to the growth of so many establishments. A lot of business has been destabilized or ruin because they do not have constant power supply and are therefore forced to spend exorbitantly on petrol etc.
The productive power of individuals who wish to establish their own business has been watered down because of the failing power supply.

5.      Over-population

Nigeria is called the giant of Africa because of its giant population. The rate of the population of Nigeria is indeed scary. Every day, the women of Nigeria are giving birth and every the population is increasing.
However, there is no noticeable increased in the number of industries, companies or firms to serve the increasingly large population. As a result of the large population growth, an amazing number of graduates disgorge out of the universities every single year. Providing employment for the graduates and non-graduates of Nigeria with the exiguous number of establishments in Nigeria is clearly impossible.
This, of course, is indicative that unemployment would keep increasing every year.

6.      Low Standard of Education

Unemployment would continually increase as long as education is of a low standard in Nigeria. You would agree with me when I say that there are so many secondary and primary schools scattered on Nigerian land. So many of these schools are poorly built and they disseminate very low-quality knowledge.
Even the Nigerian universities have their flaws. Most universities in Nigeria disseminate only theoretical knowledge. The practical experiences of its students are zero. As an instance, most graduates from the discipline of computer science in Nigerian universities are unable to design computer software and so many more.
Low standard of education would lead to a lack of innovations in Nigeria.

7.      Over-reliance on White Collar Jobs:

A lot of Nigerian graduates depend on white collar jobs too much. I believe it is high time to realize that the number of companies and jobs cannot serve the number of people in Nigeria. If everybody relies on white collar jobs, then there will be no development. In developed nations, the high numbers of white collar jobs are simply the entrepreneurial developments of some of the citizen.

8.      Ignorance

The effects of ignorance are many and varied. A lot of people are unemployed because of ignorance. They disillusioned the importance of education, entrepreneurship, and hard work. They spent their time playing, clubbing and drinking without having any true vision of what life truly means.
If Nigerian should be well developed to meet very high standards, these set of people may still be living in poverty.

9.      Policies Concerning Loans

Capital remains the bedrock or foundation to starting up a business. Not every Nigerian is born with a silver spoon; there is, therefore, a need to encourage the giving out of loan through policymaking. However, there are few policies concerning the giving out of loans. Even these policies are not forcefully implemented.

10.  Poverty:

Unemployment leads to poverty and poverty leads to unemployment. Breaking out of unemployment when poverty is a major cause, is very difficult. In Nigerian, there are a lot of people who are very poor, not because they are not working hard but rather, they do not have enough resources to help themselves out of their terrible situations.
Without money, it is quite hard to secure a standard education, start up a business and escape unemployment.

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