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The Most Simple Ways to Ask a Girl Out

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The Most Simple Ways to Ask a Girl Out

The Most Simple Ways to Ask a Girl Out


Okay, let us be sincere with our self here; having a beautiful sweet girl at your side is very
pleasurable and it makes us feels alive and like real men. Here, that moment is so sweet. However, a famous saying goes; anything good does not come easily. Having a girl by your side may be so romantic and pleasurable, but it may be difficult to get yourself one.
A lot of boys find it very difficult in asking a girl out. You will see their legs shaking like a day old donkey. Oh, those fear! A lot of boys would normally tell me how they love a particular girl but find it very difficult to talk to her. I would normally challenge them to man up and meet those girls but they would give silly excuses like; what will people say? She is already taken and many other silly excuses.
Once a girl is not married, she belongs to no one, therefore you have every right to propose all manner of nonsense to her and grab her as yours.
In this post, I will provide you with tips which I outlined in a form of steps on how you can get run to the castle, fight the hideous dragon, walk up to your princess boldly and grab her as yours.

Wait! Are You Sure Of What You Want To Do

  Hey man, are you really sure of what you want to do? As a good citizen, you are not allowed to hurt others badly. Asking a girl out simply means you willing to satisfy her emotional needs and a very little part of her personal needs. Then if you are not ready to show her love and care, then you are a bad, bad boy and certainly not a good citizen.
A lot of boys (I hope you are not among of them) goes around proposing fake love to girls. They have messed up so many girls emotion. Please, if you are one of these boys, please change before you create a jaundiced view in girls about boys.
So before you think of asking a girl out, make sure you are ready to be committed. If you later feel that the relationship is not just right; then leave in peace.
What You Should Know About Girls
If you do not ask a girl out and nobody asks that same girl out, then that girl will be extremely sad. In fact, that’s a problem on its own. Just like you need a girl to stand by you, every girl needs a guy to stand by them. Put this at the back of your mind and you are ready to see the ways you can easily ask a girl out.

Simple Ways to Ask a Girl Out


Man Up, Approach Her and Talk to Her

Yes! That is exactly what you are going to do first; you would have to man up, approach her and talk to her. She is the girl and you are the guy, you cannot keep waiting for her to meet you and talk to you. Although, it is possible the percentage score that, she would approach first is 10%.
a.      Building Confidence: Without swallowing your fear and building up your confidence, you wouldn’t be able to talk to her, talk more about asking her out. This is the first stage but it is usually one of the hardest stages. Look, you may not be able to build 100% confidence, but with the slightest confidence you notice in you, go and approach her.
b.      Approach Her and Talk to her: You need to approach when it is right. You may find it very hard to pinpoint the right time since fear may be involved. But as long as she is not with her parents at that point in time, it is the right time. When you approach her, you would need to talk to her. But when talking to her, observe this few tips.
·         Do not act as if you are already too in love
·         Do not rush into talking about love
·         Find a suitable discussion. A suitable discussion as that point in time is that discussion that is related to the environment. For instance, if she is a student, discuss anything about school or if you met at the church, discuss church activities and so on. Pretend that you do not know a particular thing and direct that thing to her as a question. For instance; can I have your attention, do you happen to know about the latest information about … said by the pastor.
·         Try to delay the conversation but do not be lengthy.
·         The next time you see her, assume that she is already a friend and approach again and again.

Observe Her Interest

The little time you spend with her, how was her reaction? Her reaction is extremely important at this point because it will determine if you would move forward or not. If she gives you a frown each time you approach her or behave like she is busy or does not give you attention, I am very sorry, it is time to move on; she is not interested. But if she smiles or flows with your conversation sometimes or always, she just might be the one. This brings us to the next item on the list.

Build Friendship

Build your friendship with her; do not just propose to her so fast. So many girls do not like boys that are too pushy. Get to know her small. Know if you can really cope with her. There are so many girls that are fine like angels but their character is like demons. So you need to be careful. Know her at least up to 40% before you rush into anything called relationship.

Ask Her Out

She may not be as perfect as the angels that sing to God every day, but as long as she is okay up to your taste not only in beauty but also character, you should take that bold step of asking her out.
Well, you do not need to shiver at this one, you already know her as a friend. You know her phone number and I believe you too socialize on Social Medias like Facebook, Whatsapp and all the other rest. You may not be able to ask her out face to face but you can simply use the social media to your advantage.
Either you choose to ask her out through the social media or on a face to face discussion, do not be too forward. Try as much as possible to balance the conversation. For instance, try to ask her how she is doing and other things, then tell her how you feel about her.
If she says no, it is not the end of the world for you, do not be afraid of rejection, accept your faith, as it is part of the experience. If she says yes, then you are very lucky at this stage.

Spice Up Your Relationship

After she says yes to your proposal, it is not over. You have to spice up your relationship with her. Try to go on several alone dates with her, make her feel special, and you would feel like a real man.
Your relationship should not be devoid of romance but do not make it feel that the only reason you decided to ask her out was to romance her. Share her problems with her, listen to her and fight for her.

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