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Business Ideas for Ladies and Women in Nigeria

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 Business Ideas and Women for Ladies in Nigeria


One of the best ways to empower a woman is by teaching her how to be independent. The saying that
all women were meant to spend their days only in the kitchen of their husbands should be discouraged. Although, a woman who spends her time running too wild in search of money may risk her family’s security or may not be able to contain so much stress. This post, therefore, aims to provide women or ladies with the business ideas that are less stressful, convenient and can still generate a lot of money.

The dream business ideas for women or ladies in Nigeria


Fashion Design:

There is no saying about how much you would earn as a fashion designer in Nigeria. You can earn as low as zero if you are not serious and you can earn as high as a million naira. To earn extremely high as a fashion designer in Nigeria demands a lot of hard work on your part as a lady.
Do you want to know the reason why ladies will do very well those men when it comes to fashion designing? The simple answer is taste; ladies and women have very exquisite taste when it comes to designing of clothes.
Investing your time, effort, skills and idea in fashion designing in Nigeria can be very profitable or beneficial

Crèche or Daycare:

This is another solid business idea that you can do as a lady or woman in Nigeria. Men can hardly do this business because they do not have what it takes; therefore this business idea is meant especially for ladies or woman.
Crèche or the daycare business does not require any form of certificate to start it up; neither does it require you to know complex further mathematics. The mandatory pre-requisite to start up a crèche or daycare business is to have the quality of a mother. As a woman, you would be able to take care of children in your crèche while making money

Sales of Ladies Wear: 

 A lady or woman, you can start selling ladies wear. Ladies wear include ladies gown, ladies shoe, ladies bag, ladies suit etc. You can make a lot of money from selling ladies wear. The best thing about this business idea is that you are a woman and you know all about ladies or women wear


Blogging is a very good business idea that any lady or woman can easily startup. Blogging requires less capital and the best part of it is that; there are millions of articles available online that you can use to improve on your blogging skills
You can blog even if you are a pregnant woman. All you need to blog is a computer that is connected to the internet

Super Market Business

As a woman or lady, you would find the supermarket business very interesting. In a supermarket store, you would be selling all kinds of consumer goods like cream, noodles, biscuit and so on. This business will not only keep you busy as a lady, but it is also considered as a fast-growing business.

The shooting of Online Tutorial Videos

As a woman, you can start streaming videos online. You can do this by creating a u-tube channel. Creating a u-tube channel is not hard at all. There are several articles online that you could check out if you wish to learn how to create your own u-tube channel.
When you have created your u-tube channel, you must think of what you would love to display to the world, but as a lady or woman, you could stream videos about cooking, fashion design, local productions and so on.
If you are really serious about, your target would be to increase the number of visitors to your web page. Once this is done, I believe that there is only one thing to do; you need to say bye-bye to the world of dependent ladies and hello into the world of independence, as you begin making and counting that sweet cash given to you by advertisers

Sales of Babies wear

There is no humankind on this planet earth that understands babies more than the way women do. As a woman or lady, you best know the taste of a child in terms of clothes. You can pick up your purse, take out your money and invest it into the retailing of babies wear

Event Planning

You would really enjoy this business. In terms of money and adventure, this business is loaded. In Nigeria, the must be events buzzing around the streets especially marriage events. People are looking for very good events planners ton exquisitely plan their events to be very interesting. Events like marriage are not just carried out, they must be planned. You can do this job as a lady or woman, so what are you doing about it!

Entrepreneur Instructor

As a lady or woman with a passion for fulfillment, you can be an impact to both man and women by being an entrepreneur instructor. To be an entrepreneur instructor means that you should have some skills that make you worth being called an entrepreneur. You can have and disseminate skills such as the local production of cream, disinfectants, fruit juice, liquid soaps and so on.


As a lady or woman, you can offer your service as a caterer to any known restaurant or better still, you can start up your own restaurant where you can bake and sell snacks. Rather than offering that service only to your husband, you can make extra money through catering.
If you believe that you are a very good and experienced caterer, you can start up your own catering school that will even act as an extra source of continuous income.

Rental Business

The rental business involves you buying a lot of plastics, chairs, and tables and leasing them out for the purpose of organizing events. Like I said when I was talking about event planning; events can never cease to be in Nigeria, it would continue on and on until the world eventually ends. So do not miss out on this business idea as a lady or woman.


Freelancing is another online business that you can do as a Nigeria woman or lady. Freelancing involves you offering your writing service to those who value it. There are sites available online that are interested in freelancers. Some of these sites include,, and etc. To become a freelancer is no big deal at all. All you need is a computer that is connected to the internet.

Information Marketing

Information is eminently powerful; information has the ability to change someone positively and to destroy someone. As a woman or lady, you can start your own online information marketing business
What is information marketing: Information marketing involves you selling an E-book or guide online for a reasonable charge. It is the same as selling a book in the real world; the only difference is that it is done online. If you are knowledgeable about cooking local dishes, you can write an e-book about cooking local dishes and sell it online for a small amount. Imagine when you sell it for N500 and 100 people bought it. You would be making up to N50 000 just like that.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves being an online marketer but in affiliate marketing, you are not an independent online marketer. You are dependent on a particular online retail online company. In other words, you do not own the goods that you are marketing; rather you are a marketer to the online retail online company. For instance, an online retail company like would give you a link when you appropriately register as a marketer, once anyone should buy their product through that link, you would receive a commission.
With these business ideas, you do not have any reason to gossip; because I suppose that is what most women do when they do not have a job doing.


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