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Top Marketable courses with High Employment Opportunities in Nigeria

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Top Marketable courses with High Employment Opportunities in Nigeria


In Nigeria, it is no longer a rumor that there is indeed large-scale unemployment. Indubitably, there are so many graduates who are at home without jobs. There are so many reasons for this hideous situation in Nigeria; we all know that one of the paramount reason why most graduates face the ugly situation of unemployment is as a result of a lackadaisical will to develop Nigeria in all facet.
Knowing that Nigeria is not all that developed, there and still very marketable course which one can enroll in and hardly lack a job. The reason behind this is simple; there are a lot of opportunities which are the industries and organization which require the exquisitely acquired skills of graduates of these marketable courses in Nigeria.
I shall now divulge to you the top 20 marketable courses with extremely high employment opportunities in this country, Nigeria

The Top Marketable Course with So Many Opportunities

    1.      Medicine:
In developed part of the world, medical doctors are not only highly respected but are also paid very high emoluments. Nigeria is not an exception; medical doctors are also highly paid in Nigeria.
Have you ever seen a medical doctor carrying along with him/her a certificate looking for a job in Nigeria? No! It is not done anywhere. This is because the medical profession has legal backing from the government. So, therefore, graduates of medicine need not worry about a job in Nigeria.

    2.      Computer Science/ IT

Computer science in Nigeria, as well as other parts of the world, is undoubtedly making an extremely sensitive impact in almost all known sector of the country. A degree in computer science/ IT and a deep understanding of its practices will not only make you a valuable asset to many jobs, companies, organizations, and industries but will also provide a  very solid background for entrepreneurship and independence

    3.      Pharmacy:

A large number of candidates aspiring to gain admission to read a five-year degree programme in pharmacy is evidence that rings the worth of pharmacy in Nigeria.

   4.      Electrical Electronic Engineering

Electrical electronics engineering has a high level of employment opportunities. This is because electrical electronics engineering has so many important areas of specialization which are extremely useful especially in a world where technology is taking a new turn.
As a graduate in electrical electronics engineering, there are so many important areas you can focus on. You can focus on telecommunication, software development, instrumentation, and control analysis and many more.
There are so many companies who are in love with graduates in the field of electrical electronics engineering.

    5.      Law

The law degree can be extremely difficult to obtain. It takes a lot of reading, years of practice and ferocious or high determination to become a lawyer in this country, Nigeria. However, it can be said that the hard work involved can commensurate the reward of being a lawyer.
Law is an extremely marketable course in this our country, Nigeria. Everybody at some point in his/her life would require a personal lawyer, every active organization such as a church, company or industry must require a lawyer. So you can be guaranteed that the job wouldn’t be much of a problem.

   6.      Petroleum engineering

Petroleum, as we all know it is more like gold in Nigeria. It is the country’s main source of revenue which has replaced agriculture because of its money generating value. It is extremely hard to see graduates in the field of petroleum engineering seeking job or employment in secondary schools; this is so because there are so many oil and gas companies or industries continually emerging. 

    7.      Chemical engineering:

Chemical engineering is another top course in Nigeria with very high employment opportunities. Chemical engineers are welled paid in Nigeria. Chemical engineers work for so many chemical industries in Nigeria.

     8.      Mechatronics engineering:

Mechatronics engineering is an emerging engineering discipline but I personally assume that mechatronics engineering is the widest or broadest engineering discipline in scope. Mechatronics engineering combines mechatronics engineering, electronics engineering, software engineering, system engineering, and several other engineering disciplines to ensure the production of a mechatronics system. Mechatronics engineers can work at almost any industrial and manufacturing company including the oil and oil gas industry.

    9.      Accounting:

Accounting is a well-known course which is offered in several universities in Nigeria. Accounting is one of the top marketable courses in Nigeria. On or more professional accountant is needed in almost any company or industry. In an oil and gas industry, the worth of an accountant cannot be derided. There are so many accountants performing different yet important roles who work in any oil and gas industry.

   10.  Aeronautical/aviation engineering

In this our country, Nigeria, it is conspicuous that the aeronautical industries are still developing and are not fully developed. We have very few aeronautical engineering graduates because of the exiguous number of universities offering admission into an aeronautical engineering programme in Nigeria.
As a result of the low number of graduates in the field of aeronautical engineering, those who read aeronautical engineering are extremely valuable in the country and would hardly lack a job because of they are few in the country.

Wrapping it up

Selecting a marketable course to study at the university is a wise decision to make, but not having the ability to comprehend its knowledge and skills which would be handed over to you in the university would stand as a big problem later on.
These marketable courses are capable of making it easy to obtain a job, but trust me they are not easily acquired. There are so many people who have failed out from these top courses even after gaining admission to study them interviews, some graduates of these marketable courses are at home without jobs because they keep failing. So my advice to you is to know your capability and never scorn true passion.

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