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Mechanical Engineering Salary in Nigeria

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Mechanical Engineering Salary in Nigeria



Mechanical engineering was somewhat the broadest known engineering discipline, but now I can boldly say that this title has been taken over by mechatronics engineering. Mechanical engineering still remains the dream career to so many graduates in Nigeria; its prestige has therefore not been lost.  
Mechanical engineering is simply the study of machines; how they are designed, built, maintained and repaired. Mechanical engineering in broader terms can be seen as the discipline that combines engineering, physics, engineering mathematics and material science principles to the design or manufacture, maintenance, and repair of mechanical systems.
The knowledge housed by mechanical engineering in Nigeria makes him/her an important asset to so many companies. The employment opportunities of mechanical engineers cover so many areas. Some of the areas where mechanical engineers are functional include the military area, technological areas, exploration areas, and the scientific areas.
Although, some of these areas are underperforming in Nigeria, others are really performing very well.

Salary of Mechanical engineers in Nigeria

The salary structure of mechanical engineers depends on the companies they are working with. There are so many companies or areas mechanical engineers are functional and the salary offer is entirely different.

Mechanical Engineers in an Oil and Gas Industry

Mechanical engineers can work in an oil and gas industry in Nigeria. In fact, a fresh graduate in the field of mechanical engineering would normally conduct a search for a job in the oil and gas industries of Nigeria before considering other areas where mechanical engineers can work.
In the oil and gas industry, mechanical engineers work mainly on the fields and are said to be needed in so many areas. In the various oil and gas industry in Nigeria, there is a known variation in the salary offered to mechanical engineers. While some oil and gas industry may pay mechanical engineers very high emoluments, others may pay relatively low.
Mechanical engineers are normally paid within this range which is influenced by experience
Entry level mechanical engineers: N120, 000 to N400, 000
Experienced mechanical engineers: N350, 000 to N600, 000
Head of the Department of mechanical engineers: N500, 000 to N800, 000

Mechanical Engineers in the Shipping Company

The mechanical engineering knowledge and skills are not meant to be deployed only in the oil and gas sector of Nigeria, as there are several other areas mechanical engineers are needed.
Mechanical engineers are needed in a shipping company. Shipping companies are responsible for the transfer of large goods by ship through water transportation. Mechanical engineers ensure that the proper transportation of the goods into the ships. They maintain and repair all the mechanical systems needed to ensure this works. For instance, they repair the engine of the ship if it gets spoilt and they test it before the ship could take off.
Entry level mechanical engineers: N120, 000 to N350, 000
Experienced mechanical engineers: N300, 000 to N500, 000

Mechanical Engineers in the Aerospace or Aeronautical industry

Mechanical engineers can also work in the aeronautical industry or commercial airlines that are found in Nigeria. They maintain various mechanical systems that are found in the aeronautical industry such as the engines of aircraft.
Entry level mechanical engineers: N250, 000 to N400, 000
Experienced mechanical engineers: N350, 000 to N600, 000

Mechanical Found in the Automobile industry

Normally, the automobile industry is another very wealthy industry in the world. In Nigeria, the automobile industry can be said to be in its embryonic phase. Most of the trucks, vehicles, and cranes used in Nigeria are been imported, yet, there are possibilities for the development of the automotive industry in Nigeria.
In Nigeria, automobile companies are responsible for the purchase of an automobile from other foreign nations of the world. Engineers who work as staffs in various automobile industries in Nigeria would test run those cars to check for existing faults.
Among this engineering discipline includes the mechanical engineers who are meant to understand the working principles of automobiles.
Mechanical engineers who work in automotive industries in Nigeria are normally paid within the range of N250, 000 to N600, 000

Conclusion of the salary offered to mechanical engineers in Nigeria

Generally, mechanical engineers in Nigeria are normally paid within the range of N150, 000 to N800, 000. The salary pay of mechanical engineers would be determined by the company they offer their service too. There are some companies in which the pay would be very high.
Become a mechanical engineer for passion and not only for remuneration.

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