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Fastest Growing Business Idea in Nigeria

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Everybody hates slow things, especially a slow-growing business. It can be very exasperating or frustrating to invest in a very slow growing business. Unfortunately, there are several slow-growing businesses in Nigeria. If by any means you have ventured into a slow-growing business, you know how frustrating it can be.

WHAT IS A SLOW GROWING BUSINESS AND A FAST GROWING BUSINESS                                                           

Slow Growing Business: A slow business is that business that delivers you chewing gum money as profit. It can be seen as that business that do not experience constant demand for the service you offer or the product you sell. Also, a business that takes so many years to grow may be considered to be a very slow growing business
 For instance, a contract worker who earn big on every contract work which he sees once in 5 years, is considered to be a slow business.
Well, slow-growing business can be very bad. But the bitter truth is that slow business is likely to fall as long as you are a bearer of responsibilities.
What Are Fast Growing Business
Fast-growing businesses are businesses that make you quick smart profit in no time. It provides you with the space to keep growing your business until you have enough money to buy other assets and start making more money than before.
Luckily for you, there are several fast growing businesses in Nigeria that you can do and maximize your profit.



 There are a lot of very fast consumer goods that you can start selling in Nigeria. What are these fast consumers goods? Fast consumers goods are those goods that consumers can easily consume before you could finish your morning prayers. We have many fast consumers goods available in Nigeria. Some of those goods include noodles like indomie, tummy tummy etc., soft-drinks, biscuits, bread and so on. In you can sell so many of these goods in large quantity, I can guarantee a very fast income that would tear your pocket in no time.


Although, water is a free gift of nature, the increasing number of people buying pure bottle and sachet water is evidence that this business will earn you money faster than you can. Pure bottle and sachet water are bought by any level of people at the social stratification ladder; In other words, the rich, the poor, and the average buy both sachet water and bottle water.

         3.   WASTE MANAGEMENT:

Most people especially those at the upper level of the stratification ladder (the rich) and sometimes the average hate the stress of taking out the garbage. That is where waste managers come into play.
The business of waste management may seem disgusting even to you, but its income is steady, fast and growing and can hardly die. Waste management is best done by building a good relationship with everybody residing in a particular neighborhood.
 Charges should be collected on a monthly basis but service should be provided every week. Establish yourself as a professional in this business; by establishing yourself as a professional, I do not mean that you should cut down the necks of your customers with high price or charge them too cheap, rather just charge your customers averagely. The money in this business increases as your customers grow. So do not need to limit yourself to just one neighbourhood 

    4. Foreign Language instructor:

 Obtaining a skill and speaking and understanding any foreign language in Nigeria truly worth the stress. In Nigeria, the best foreign language I would advise you to learn is French. French instructors are extremely scarce and therefore this makes them as valuable as gold in Nigeria. I have seen a French instructor that is paid N 50 000 per month from just one school out of 16 other schools she teaches.


Every single year, houses are proliferating massively; a colossal number of people are building houses. This is an opportunity and this business is fast growing and can hardly die off.


Sales of cooking gas are another fast-growing business. Cooking gas needs a continuous refill in the part of the buyer; in other words, it must be refilled on monthly basis. This is a very fast growing business because the customers must come. However, the business requires you to keep growing the number of your customers.


Although cooking gas is widely used in Nigeria, this has not, however, ended or kill the kerosene business. A lot of people are still using kerosene and a large number of people with use of cooking gas still use kerosene as an alternative to cooking.
When consumers use the kerosene, it must surely burn off which would require them to ask for more.


When we talk about the transportation business, you would b e talking about daily income. Driving of taxi gives you quick money without you having to wait for more than a day. If you feel that driving of taxi may be somehow embarrassing (Sure, anyone could be shy), you could hire trustworthy drivers to do the job for you.


Everybody eats bread. Bread making business can profit you with very fast income that would provide you with the space to keep growing your business, you would need to create a brand name for your bread and promote its advertisements
      10.   RENT OF SHOPS:
 You can hardly see any vacant empty shop in Nigeria and even if they are, they would be very few. Again, shops in Nigeria are very expensive especially those situated at the road sides. Renting out your shop is a fast-moving business because you must see Customers that are interested.


Building and renting of students’ apartments in a students’ environment is truly a fast growing business. There is hardly any vacant hotel in an academic environment. Even hotels that are bad and not properly built are occupied.


 Ever since this business has emerged in Nigeria, it has grown rapidly. You can hardly see mobile banking or P.O.S shops without customers coming in and disgorging out.


 Indubitably, sports in both the international and national level generates very prodigious revenue that is quite second. There is nothing wrong with making money from these sports even though you are the most terrible person at sports. How is this possible? It is possible through the establishment of a sport watching centre.  
It is not surprising that we have millions of Nigerian that love sports with so much passion, although, this population is predominated by the males. So many people are ready to pay just to watch the latest soccer at just any sports watching center.
Opening a sports watching centre would give you instant cash as long as sports especially soccer still lives.


There are faster growing businesses in Nigeria. So do not restrict yourself to the list above. Although, every business has potentials to make you very rich even though some of them may be considered by the crowd to be evidently slow.


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