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Airtel Nigeria Salary Structure for Staff

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Airtel Nigeria Salary Structure for Staff

Airtel Salary Nigeria


Airtel Nigeria is another fast growing telecommunication service provider in Nigeria and a member of Airtel Africa Group. Airtel Nigeria has really tried in their effort to endear more Nigerians that patronize them. The increased rate of data bonuses is one of their biggest marketing strategies.
Airtel, therefore, aims at providing a user based friendly network that is very affordable to its users.
Let’s delve deep into the main purpose of this post. This post has been written to unveil the salary structure of Airtel to its staffs. This will I provide to you below;

How Much Does Airtel Pay Its Staff

Contract Staff

Contract staffs who have limited time to work with one of the leading telecommunication network, Airtel, are paid N70, 000 to N80, 000

Entry Level Staff

Entry level staffs who works at Airtel are paid between N150, 000 to 170, 000 on a monthly basis and on yearly basis, they are paid between N1, 800, 000 to N2, 040, 000

Specialist Staffs

Specialist Staffs at Airtel Nigeria earns N400 000 to N500 000 on a monthly basis while they earn 4, 800, 000 to N6, 000, 000 per annum


Managers at Airtel Nigeria earns up to N700, 000 to N800, 000 monthly and per annum, they earn between N8, 400, 000 to 9, 600,000.


The salary structure of Airtel Nigeria provided in this post cannot be said to be 100% accurate. This is because there are possibilities of changes in the earnings of Airtel Nigeria staffs.

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