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Nigerian Army Ranks and their Salary

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Nigerian Army Ranks and their Salary



The Nigerian army is the largest facet of the Nigerian Armed Forces which was
founded in 1960. This facet of the Nigerian Armed forces currently has over 6, 000 officers and 150, 000 soldiers. The Nigerian army is responsible for land warfare.
The Nigerian army is mostly concerned about the safety and welfare of the Nigerian citizens. This can be seen in its engagements with the Boko Haram Insurgency, Congo crisis, Nigerian civil war, Invasion of the Gambia and so on.
Apart from its sole purpose which is safety and welfare of the Nigerian citizens, the Nigeria Army force was also created and organized to promote political interest, as the Commander-in-Chief remains the President of this nation, Nigeria.
The Nigerian army has its motto as; “Victory is from God alone”

Ranks of the Nigerian Army

Nigerian army


It is necessary that you know the ranks found in the Nigerian army as a good Nigerian citizen.
The Nigerian army force is divided into two categories:
·        The Non-Commissioned officers
·        The commissioned officers
The Non-Commissioned officers

There are eight ranks of the non-commissioned officers that are found in the Nigerian army. These ranks are presented from the highest to the lowest below;
1.     Master Warrant Officer
2.     Warrant Officer
3.     Staff Sergeant
4.     Sergeant
5.     Corporal
6.     Lance Corporal
7.     Private
8.     Recruit
The Commissioned officers
There are 11 ranks of the commissioned officers. These ranks are also presented from the highest rank to the lowest below;
1.  Field Marshal
2.  General
3. Lieutenant General
4. Major General
5. Brigadier General
6. Colonel
7. Lieutenant colonel
8. Major
9. Captain
10. First Lieutenant
11. Second Lieutenant

Salary Structure of the Nigerian Army 

Nigerian Army


The salary structure of the Nigerian army is dependent of the position of attainment or the rank of a Nigerian army.

Salary offered to non-commissioned officers

1.     Master Warrant Officer: N90, 000/ month

2.     Warrant Officer: N80, 000/month

3.     Staff Sergeant: N68, 000/ month

4.     Sergeant: N63, 000/month

5.     Corporal: N58, 000/month

6.     Lance Corporal: N54, 000/ month

7.     Private: N48, 000

Salary offered to commissioned officers

1.  Field Marshal: N1.4 million
2.  General: N1 million
3. Lieutenant General: N950, 000
4. Major General: N800, 000
5. Brigadier General: N600, 000
6. Colonel: N550, 000
7. Lieutenant colonel: N350, 000
8. Major: N300, 000
9. Captain: N200, 000
10. First Lieutenant: N180, 000
11. Second Lieutenant: N120, 000

There you have it; the ranks in the Nigerian army force and their salary structure. You can do good by spreading the news to your friends and family especially those who are interested in a career in the Army

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