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9 Mobile Nigeria Salary Structure for Staffs

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9 Mobile Nigeria Salary Structure for Staffs

9 Mobile Salary


9 Mobile formally known as Etisalat is another leading telecommunication network in Nigeria. Although 9 Mobile is unable to overthrow other big networks like MTN and GLO, they are still trying their best to gather some proportion of the population to themselves.

The list contains the salary offer of 9 Mobile to its staffs. Although, I cannot say that the figures are 100 % correct, rather, I can only guarantee you a close value. There are so many factors that influence the salary pay of workers or staffs at 9 Mobile. Some of these factors include task deduction, competences and performance, qualification and so on. There is a very big tendency that the salary offered to staffs of 9 Mobile Nigeria would change over the years, but for now, we will be watching.

Without wasting much of your time, I shall now reveal to you the salary offered to staffs at 9 Mobile

9 Mobile Salary Structure

Salary Offered to Contract Staffs of 9 Mobile

These staffs come and go. In other words, they are not permanent staffs of 9 Mobile Nigeria. These staffs earn N60 000 to N80 000. Although, the salary offered to contract staffs could be higher than that; the salary earned by contract staffs are dependent on the gravity of the work performed.

Salary Offered to Entry Staffs of 9 Mobile

Unlike the contract staffs, the staffs are ready to stay and work for 9 Mobile for as long as possible. Entry level staffs are of low position in 9 Mobile, therefore, earns between N 130, 000 to N150, 000 per month. Per annum or on a yearly basis, these set of staffs earn N1, 560, 000 to 1, 800, 000

Salary Offered to Specialist Staffs of 9 Mobile

Specialist staffs are higher than the entry-level staffs. They earn up to N600, 000 to N650, 000 on a monthly basis. Per annum or a yearly basis, these set of staffs earn N7, 200, 000 to N7, 800, 000

Salary Offered to Managers of 9 Mobile

Managers in 9 Mobile earn eminently high. They are paid up to N 900, 000 to N1, 100 000 on a monthly basis and on a yearly basis, they earn up to N10, 800, 000 to 13, 200, 000

Wrapping it

The post has provided an insight into the salary offered to staff working at 9 Mobile. Well, over to you, what do you think about the salary structure of staffs working at 9 Mobile; share your thoughts here at the comment section.

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