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Is it worth studying sociology in Nigeria

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Is it worth studying sociology in Nigeria



There are myriads of degrees you could acquire at over hundreds of universities situated in Nigeria. Some of these degrees seem to be very promising in terms of job opportunities with a very good pay after graduation while others is a little devoid of prestige.
Sociology happens to be one of the many disciplines offered by most Nigerian universities. But the question that bothers most aspirants or those that are already studying sociology at any higher institute in Nigeria is “Does the sociology degree provides me with much job opportunities with a good pay after I had graduated from the higher institute” or “is it worth it to spend 3 or 4 years in the higher institute studying sociology”.
To spend 3 or 4 years at any higher institute is quite a big sacrifice. Regardless of the number of years, time and effort would also be demanded by any or higher institute which of course is another sacrifice.
Before going any further to ascertain the level of prestige of the discipline of sociology. It is best to know the meaning of sociology or the definition of sociology.


Sociology: Sociology can be seen as the scientific study of the nature and development of the society and social behavior.
Sociology can also be seen as the study of the relationships in the society. It is believed that relationships is what gave birth to the society. For instance, there is no family without that relationship as well as agreement between a man and a woman. The family is the basic unit of any society and it is therefore through the family that any society grows.


  • Sociology studies the various relationships between education and the society.
  • Sociology studies the various relationships that go on in peer group’s interaction.
  • Sociology studies the various relationship between social institutions like the political institution.
  • Sociology studies the social behaviour of both men and women in the society; sociology studies crime, justice and injustice etc.


Through an in-depth study of the various relationship and development of the society, sociologist are able to discover problems that can be detrimental to the well being  of the society and aims to provide solutions as remedy to those problems. Problems that can affect the society badly include stealing, rape, examination malpractice, political corruption and injustice etc.
Sociology proffered ways to make a country, state or a simple community better than it already is.


Does it really worth it to spend three or four years in the higher institute trying to obtain a degree in sociology? Okay let us find out.
Sociology, although, its quite an interesting discipline. However, the number of jobs or companies that willing to employ graduates of the discipline of sociology is quite exiguous or extremely low.
If I should ask you, what role do you think a sociologist would play in an oil and gas industry or a manufacturing industry or a trading company.
The bitter truth is that graduates in the discipline of sociology are hardly employed by companies or firms both in Nigeria and abroad. However, there are still job opportunities that await graduates in the field of sociology but they are certainly not opportunities found in industries or companies.


A time would come in Nigeria when a first degree would look more like a first living certificate or your O’level certificate. By that time the yardstick to determine qualification into any professional job must have gone up.
Making the best out of your degree in sociology involves you going extra miles in upgrading your qualification. This means that it is time for you to start obtaining a masters degree. Do not just stop at that, go further in obtaining a ph D. degree.
I want to be sincere with you, finding a person who has obtained a doctorate degree teaching at grade classes is like finding a needle in a haystack. In other words, it is usually difficult to see a doctorate of sociology teaching at the primary and secondary level of the educational system.
With a doctorate degree in Nigeria, you are exposed to so many opportunities. The most common opportunity is usually becoming a lecturer in your field. As a lecturer, you are valid to write scientific papers related to your field, you can also be become a very valuable person by becoming a voice in the field of sociology.
Again, with a degree in sociology, you can obtain a professional certificate in personnel administration. With a professional certificate in personnel administration, you can work in companies or industries where you would be in charges of the management of staffs. You would ensure that the staffs do their best to ensure proper organization leading optimum performance and a greater productivity.
The in-depth study of the society is never a waste. This is because the knowledge obtained from the study of the society can be use to influence the educational curriculum. So therefore, sociologist could work with the organization in charge of developing and making changes to existing curriculum in academics.
With a degree in sociology, you can work with WAEC, JAMB and so on, as an educationist.

Conclusion of “Is it worth acquiring a degree in sociology”

No degree is a waste rather, a degree can be very useless to you if you decide to make it useless. There are so many graduates in the country who are holders of professional degrees yet they have no job, while they are also those with no certificate but technical experience who are highly paid in a very big company. What I my trying to say? I am simply saying that do not in any way deride your dream job because of what others are saying.

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