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Profitable home business ideas in Nigeria with high profit

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Profitable home business ideas in Nigeria with high profit



There are a lot of business ideas available in Nigeria. But at times life may lay down some restrictions; not everybody may have that power, will or strength to chase business opportunities outside the streets. Take a pregnant woman, for instance, she does not have the strength to stay out for so long just to generate income or an old man does not have the strength to perform like a money generator.
Well, if you feel that you would be comfortable at home trying to build a business, then you are in luck because this article provides you with one of the best business ideas that can be done right at the comfort of your home.




If you love children say Hi! Crèche is one of the profitable business ideas you can start at your home. The crèche business can be less stressful to some point. Starting up a crèche business do not require your intellectuals; this is so because you are just going to be taking care of children. The crèche business can be very profitable. A crèche business with 10 children with a charge of N4, 000 per month will profit you with N40 000; in Nigeria, N40 000 is a school principal salary. Again, N40 000 is a really big amount of money for a business you started with very exiguous capital.
If you want to start up your own crèche business, you would simply require
·         Banner and fliers for advertisements
·         Love or passion for children
It is so simple, but if you feel that the children would cry so much and would not keep you enough peace in your home, you can check out the next business idea opportunity.


As long as you have the capital, you can start up your own recharge card printing business from home. Imagine printing recharge cards just at the comfort of your home. Come on! It is somewhat a business dream come true.
The recharge card printing business can be less stressful; it just involves you pressing and pressing your computer or voucher machine, that just it. You would be making a lot of money from the recharge card printing business because recharge card is consumed every now and then.
If you wish to start up your own successful recharge card printing business, make sure you scrutinize and bite these articles very well


This is another very profitable home based business idea. You can start up your own poultry farm just outside your home or at your yard. Poultry farming is easy when you know the bright way to take care of the birds. With the right knowledge and the right techniques applied, you can multiply your existing birds in no time, therefore maximizing your profit.
What you need to start a poultry farm at your home
1.       Your Yard
2.       A cage
3.       Some bird feed
4.       Knowledge lest you kill the birds intentionally


This is another business you can easily set up even at the comfort of your home. Home tutoring involves you organizing a home tutorial lesson for some group of children or rarely adults who need a tutor. But first, before you can make this possible, you would need to establish your self as a professional. In other words, you must be an expert on what you wish to impact on others. Although, I do not mean that you must be a professor before you can start up a simple home tutorial; you must just have that teaching ability and adequate insights on whatsoever you wish to impact on others.
There is so many information that people want to acquire, it could be on music, piano lessons, academics like mathematics, English language, chemistry, etc.


Online money making businesses are businesses that you do mostly online. These businesses do not require you to own an office or shop before you can start it up. Online business is not so easy, they require time, effort and patience to grow.


In order to shoot a u-tube video, it is not a must to own a stage, you can start shooting online videos with just your smartphone right there at your home. A summary of all you need to start shooting your own online videos;
·         Your smartphone or a video camera
·         Your home and its environment
·         Streams of ideas and inspiration
Your online video can be about anything. That anything that your video is about is what is called niche. Your online video could be about mathematics lecture, inspirational speech, music, comedy and so on. I would advise you to pick a niche that best interest you.


In Nigeria, blogging is becoming very pervasive; it is spreading like wide fire. Blogging entails writing about those things that interest you and would definitely interest others, sharing your write up to the rest of the world through the aid of the internet. Blogging exposes you to many money making options. But the paramount of this money making options is the advertisement.
If you have a substantial amount of traffic or visits to your blog, you can easily gain the trust of companies, industries, individuals that need advertisers.


 Affiliate marketing is another brilliant home based online idea that you can do and make a lot of money. There are a lot of companies that are interested in affiliate marketers; all you need to do is properly register with those sites. If you properly register with the site, you would be given a link. This link can be used to refer people to their product for purchase. If eventually a lot of people buy their product directly from those links, you would receive a commission on each and every person that purchases their products through the link given to you.
A common example of such site in Nigeria is


 If you are the type that loves social media so much, I think it is high time to start making money using social media platforms. A lot of companies or organizations are looking for a way to grow their social media audience for better engagement which would eventually lead to high marketing rate.
You can start managing these companies or organizations social media accounts or page just at the comfort of your home. But in other to do this, you must show these companies that you are an expert at what you do through evidence which is your already buzzing social media page or account.


Information marketing is equivalent to writing, publishing and selling books, the only difference here is that internet marketing is done online. In the comfort of your home, you can write e-books about the things you are good at and sell it online.
There are so many things you can write about, you can write about making money, educational guide, piano tutorials, baking, cooking local dishes and many more. Just make it fun for you.


You can cut out a portion of your land for a little local garden where you plant vegetables, pepper, and corn etc. you can sell it to the local market after you must have harvested it when it is mature.


This is similar to blogging but the money is instant. As a freelancer, you can register with sites that are in need of articles. For every article you submit, you can make up to $10 - $15.  There are so many sites online that you can register with as a freelancer; among these popular sites is
To become a freelancer, all you need is your home, yourself and a computer that is connected to the internet.


Creativity is another rare spice to spice up your wealth. I believe creativity is just what we need to push this country forward. If you are creative enough, you can hardly suffer in this our Nigeria.
There are lots of things that you can produce locally just in the comfort of your home. If you can brand them well and sell them, you would be making a lot of money. Some of the things that you can locally produce just at the comfort of your home include;
All these items can be very easy to make. If you know the procedures that are used in making these items you would agree with me how easy it is to make. There are so many places in Nigeria that organize skill acquisition programs for a very cheap price. Most of the time, these programmes would only charge you with as low as N500. So do not miss the opportunity.


This is the last but not the least in this post. You know what catering is all about. It is not mandatory to won a restaurant before you can start up a bakery business. You can start baking at your home, then advertise the baked snacks in a show class just at the front of your home.


What are you waiting for or are you waiting for me or Nigeria? Come on! Start doing something. Our Nigerian government does not seem too concerned about the country’s economy, so if you do not want to starve in this hard Nigeria, start doing something. Good luck! As you take that next big step


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