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Educational Guide To Make Lot Of A's

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    Most student tend to face different kinds of challenges in their academics, for instance, one may find it quite hard to remember what he/she read recently or they may find it difficult to understand the techniques and terminologies of subject which mostly involves calculation and reasoning like mathematics or an advanced mathematics, physics and so on, others may find it very hard to remember what they have been taught in school or to remember what they recently read in school, some students may even fail the subject they know very well, and may end hating the course or subject teacher.

 It will be erroneous to neglect or extenuate this matter, because this determines your future. The world is continuously evolving, and looking for those with good grade and better performance to handle complex situations enacting from industries, firms, organization, businesses, co-operate institutions like the university, World Health Organization, UNESCO and so on.
 In order to provide solutions or remedy needed to extirpate, destroy, annihilate, exterminate failure in your academics, you must understand the fact that academic challenges is inevitable and will surely arise, as long as you are in the educational sector. They are several factors, which causes poor performance in school, these factors could either be the fault of the teacher or student, this factors include;
  •      Day dreaming in class.

  •     Student being lackadaisical or showing no interest to a particular subject or topic or towards education as a whole.

  •     Lack of reading

  •      Lack of communication or student refusing to ask question when he/she don’t understands.

  •      Failure of the teacher to require feedback from students during lecture.

  •     Lack of concentration in class.

  •      Spending so much time with friends that has no time for academics.

  •          Mental factor: Different student has different rate of learning, for instance, we have the fast, medium, and slow learners.

  • Referent confusion. 

 They are more and more reasons why so many students suffer from intense failure, brought in the face of challenges concerning academics and finding it difficult to overcome or surmount whatever challenges they are face with. But in order to overcome barriers in academics, you must familiarize yourself with the following principles.

·  Principle of Understanding: This principle is concerned with the behavior, tactics and pattern of your teacher. The better you understand your teacher, the higher chance you will have, to come out with a better grade in his/her course. Some students tend to fail an examination, not because they did not read, but because they do not understand what the teacher require of them. During examinations, test, assignments and so on, some teacher may require you to explain your points succinctly or in a concise manner, other teachers may hate it when you give a short or brief explanation and will award you with a lower grade when you do that. You can understand your teachers better by simply asking them questions about the course, subject or topic they are teaching, the requirement base on their standards in order to score higher.

·  Principle of Continuous Reading and Practice: Practice makes perfect, leading to an improvement of performance. When you continuously read and practice what you are taught, you may tend to discover new reading techniques in order to understand better. When you familiarize yourself with a subject like mathematics, literature, English, by continuously reading or practicing it, this will make that subject very easy to understand.

·   Principle of Utility: Determination leads to success, the only way you can be determined or valiant is by setting a goal. The principle of utility postulates that the ability for a student to remember what he/she is being taught, depends on the usefulness of what is being taught. To be academically excellent, you must set the general goal and objective of the principle of utility, you must see what you learn very useful to you presently or in the future. This tends to boost your interest for the course, subject or topic, for instance when a student is taught mathematics, he/she should realize the importance and usefulness of mathematics even in real life situations, he/she should realize how mathematics is importance in every  job establishment, as every job establishment is concerned with the number of workers they have, how much do they earn weekly, monthly, annually etc. he/she should realize the importance of mathematics in engineering firms, as the knowledge of measurement, numerical models and other principle of mathematics is needed.

·   Principle of Transfer of Learning: This principle postulates that student who wish to be academically excellent should be able to apply what they have been taught to real life situations and should able to refer a little about what he/she has learn even during normal discussion or conversation. This leads to flexibility, therefore making it very difficult to forget what you learn.

  Other prominent tips needed to become academically  excellent 


  A first class student in the department of mechanical engineering from the university of Port-Harcourt gave an advice in becoming academically excellent, in respect to her words; malpractice is an enemy in becoming academically excellent. Malpractice tends to kill the valor of every student, the more a student bastardize (copy) the work of another student, such student gradually loses self confidence especially when faced with a question either in academics, in an interview, in the church or the mosque, at a training center or wherever such students tends to find him/herself.
 That first class student also mentions the importance of every single class in order to become academically excellent, in regards to her word; your first class degree depends on the class you attend and every other class after that, this is because, you never can tell what the teacher, lecturer has in mind concerning the course he/she teaches, cause it is only in class that he/she will pour out his/her deepest secrets about the course.
Another tip you should know in order to become academically successful is making a lot of research. Going extra miles like consulting and reading different textbooks, searching for educational information through the World Wide Web does not only prepare you for your school examination and test but prepare you for external examination, thus making you academically sound wherever you go.

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