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Degrees needed for the oil and gas career in Nigeria

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List of all degrees that can work in an oil and gas industry in Nigeria

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The oil and gas industry is one of the most lucrative and richest industries in Nigeria and in the world. Its ability to pay its staffs very high emoluments makes it the paragon of that dream job pursued by several graduates or degree holders.

However, the yardstick uses to measure which degree holder should be qualified to work in an oil and gas industry is not what most people imagined. Most people feel that it is only engineering degree holders that are qualified to work in the oil and gas industry.

However, in this article, I would divulge to you some of the disciplines you can study and pursue a career in the oil and gas sector of the economy.

List of degrees you can earn and can be qualified for a position in any oil and gas firm

Petroleum engineering: This deal development and with the exploration, recovery, processing of oil and gas

Oil and gas engineering: Duties are similar to the roles played by a petroleum engineer

Chemical engineering: They design and operate the industrial equipment found in an oil and gas industry


Industrial and production engineering: Although, this is very rear in the country, Nigeria. In any oil and industry, these set of engineers combine expertise, equipment, materials, human resources, procedures, and production to assist the oil and gas industry to achieve a greater production and efficiency.

Geology: Basically, geology is the scientific study of the origin and history of rocks. With this knowledge, geology is able to detect the presence of oil in rocks and are therefore valuable in an oil and gas industry

Geology and mining technology: These are mining experts in any oil and gas industry

Mechanical engineering: Mostly interested in pipelines, transportation in an oil and gas industry

Electrical electronics engineering

Electronics and computer engineering

Mechatronics engineering

Biochemistry: Biochemist work in the analyst quality control unit of an oil and gas industry

Material/Metallurgical engineering: They study metals and other non-metallic to solve various problems arising in any oil and gas industry

Computer engineering: Computer engineers can develop a network-able environment in any oil and gas industry. They also perform other functions in an oil and gas industry

Industrial chemistry

Computer science: Interested in the development and maintenance of websites and software that are peculiar to any oil and gas industry

Physics and electronics

Petrochemical engineering

Library and information science: If that oil and gas industry has a library, it can be managed by library and information scientist. They also perform duties like semantic modeling etc.


Civil engineering

Estate management


List of degrees given much more priority in an oil and gas industry in Nigeria

In an oil and gas industry, there are degrees that are very valuable and holders of those degrees if found working in an oil and gas industry are given preferential treatments even than other degrees. This is so because of the importance of their roles in an oil and gas industry.

In other to make those degree holders stand out of the crowd, these degree holders are given salary or emoluments, they are very exposed to high positions in an oil and gas industry and they are sometimes given consideration than other degree holders during an interview that determines entry.

These degrees include;

Petroleum and gas engineering

Oil and gas engineering

Chemical engineering


Electrical electronics engineering

Mechanical engineering


Working in an oil and gas industry as a staff is a dream come true to some people. However, you should be aware of the number of applicants applying for a position in an oil and gas firm. The possibility that the number of applicants seeking job in an oil and gas industry would proliferate over the years is 99.9% as long that the oil and gas sector is still in shape in Nigeria. 

The truth remains, graduates will continually disgorge from the higher institute. Even graduates of professional fields like petroleum engineering would rapidly increase making those disciplines a dint a dime.

So you need to start thinking out of the box than to begin wild chase in search of an oil and gas firm to fit in. My Advice to you is to obtain that certificate, search for jobs both in the oil and gas industries of Nigeria and in other companies, but never completely rely on white collar jobs. Think entrepreneurship.

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