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Uniport First Class Graduate (Favor Emmanuel) biggest tricks

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Uniport First Class Graduate (Favor Emmanuel) biggest tricks



Favor Emmanuel is a first class graduate from the university of Port-Harcourt. She graduated with a commutative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.7 on a 5.0 scale in the department of mechanical engineering.
It is said that the department of mechanical engineering has not produced any first class student for over 5 or more years before her arrival. After a very long time since the department of mechanical engineering produced first class graduates, Favor Emmanuel proved her worthiness by graduating as one of the best students in the University of Port-Harcourt in 2017.
She had the best Cumulative Grade Point Average in the faculty of engineering and one of the best Cumulative Grade Point Average in the University of Port-Harcourt 2016/2017 session.
Favor Emmanuel Biggest Tricks, Insights and Tips.
In respect to her success, Favor Emmanuel was invited as a guest speaker in 2016/2017 fresher’s night, a night for freshers or uniport’s new intake. On the convocation’s ground where the fresher’s night took place, Favor Emmanuel shares one of her biggest tricks, insights and tips that made her so brainy.

These tricks, tips and insights include;


Information is a conveyor of knowledge and a change agent. Information is very crucial to the success of any student. Part of Favor Emmanuel’s story which she shared on the convocation’s ground shows that before she gained admission into the university of Port-Harcourt she met a counselor to advice and guide her. The counselor made it clear to her that achieving consistent good grades in the land of Uniport is no piece of cake. One of the ways she could come out great was to pay meticulous attention to her first year in the university.
First class and first class
According to Favor Emmanuel, your first class depends on your first class. Are you confused at this? Okay, I am being a bit confusing. What I mean to say is that your first class depends on the first class organized, your first reaction towards that first class organized and your first year in any higher institute.
This means that your first year in school matters a lot and should be handled meticulously to ensure good grades.


Favor Emmanuel said when she gained admission newly to read mechanical engineering in University of Port-Harcourt. Almost everybody had the dream of making a 1st class honors degree. But each and every session, they keep amending that dream to fit their present situation.
For instance, some of Favor Emmanuel’s course mates would often wish to have a 4.5 Grade point Average in a particular semester but would normally realize the opposite at the end of the semester. When they realize this, they would pray to have a second class upper, if it didn’t still work out as planned, they would pray for a second class lower, if that didn’t still work out,  they would pray for a third class. Some of them may say “Please Lord, give me a third class instead of me to fail out”.
More often, the cause of failure is lack of confidence and a fix gaze at the price. Failure and success are brothers, if you do not have success you would surely have failure and vice versa. Failure must come at some point in every man’s life. But when it comes, you don’t need to run away from an already planned vision rather you need a very ferocious determination to kick failure away and claim the price.


When Favor Emmanuel got into the land of the University of Port-Harcourt, she noticed a particular situation that she was not all well pleased with. She saw how those who took God seriously and belonged to one fellowship or the other were not doing academically well while those who were not members of any fellowship were one of the best students in the class.
In response to this situation, she decided to do the extra-ordinary; she had to make a covenant with God telling HIM that she would shun every form of examination malpractice no matter what. But in return, GOD should help her academically.
Favor Emmanuel mentioned of how she was badly stranded in a particular exam but refuse to practice any form of examination malpractice, she wrote the ones she was able to write and submitted her exam booklet. When the result was out, she made 86%


You cannot write what you do not know on your exam booklet; the only way to put down accurate answers on your exam booklet is through constant reading. A number of students experience failure in academics because of lack of reading. If you find it very hard to read, I would advise you to check out this article; TRICKIEST WAYS TO READ LESS AND SCORE EXTREMELY HIGH IN ANY EXAMINATION If you read and forget what you read you can check this article out;  THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION TO READING YET FORGETTING.


These are Favor Emmanuel biggest tricks of obtaining a first class degree. What do you think? I think it is time for you to starting planning, reading and become the world’s next success story. Goodluck! As you fight your way to making a first class or a really good two one.

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