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The best engineering discipline is now mechatronics engineering for giant job opportunities

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Mechatronics engineering


   You main have wondered which engineering discipline is the best to study in the higher institute. Especially when you love engineering or you love the sound of inventions and technology, you might have weighed the different fields of engineering for those with outstanding benefits and opportunities.

Well, that what this blog post is about; to satisfy that curiosity.

For so many years now, a lot of people have different view of the benefits ascribed to all individual engineering disciplines.

For instance,

                          Engineering fields

                    What people think
Aeronautical engineering
Producing, maintaining and driving air-crafts and space-crafts is quite an adventure
Electrical-electronic engineering

This provides you with the knowledge needed to be valuable or important in the world of advancing technologies
Petroleum engineering

It pays very high in terms of salary.
Mechanical engineering

It is arguably the broadest engineering discipline
Robotics engineering

Prepares you for a world of advancing technology
Civil engineering

Creating and building of skyscrapers, bridges, gigantic buildings like malls, etc. makes life quite the adventure

Now imagine when more than one of these engineering disciplines is conglomerated to form a whole. Yeah, the engineering discipline that would be resulted from such conglomeration would be quite complicated but it would make you feel like a super engineering wizard.
Although, I wish that I had thought of this idea, but this idea has already been initiated even before I was born. The name of this engineering discipline is known as mechatronics engineering and it was originated in Japanese-English by Tetsuro Mori, an engineer of Yaskawa Electric Corporation.


Wikipedia defines mechatronics as a multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics, robotics, computer engineering, telecommunication engineering, systems engineering and control engineering

Mechatronics engineering can be seen as the co-operation of mechanical engineering of mechanical engineering, robotics, computer engineering and control engineering to develop a functional mechatronics system.

French Standard NF E 01-010 defines mechatronics engineering as the approach aiming at the synergistic integration of mechanics, electronics, control theory and computer science with product design and manufacturing, in order to improve and/or optimize its functionality.


Before the existence of mechatronics engineering, mechanical engineering was somewhat the broadest engineering discipline in scope. But now, mechatronics engineering can be seen to be the broadest engineering discipline in scope as it includes the entire principles and theories of mechanical engineering as just a facet of its practices.

MECHATRONICS SYSTEM: A mechatronics system is a system which consists of mechanical parts, software, electronics and so many more. A typical example of a mechatronics system is a robot because it consist of mechanical parts, electronics parts, software etc. which systematically co-operate together to perform set out functions.


Mechatronics engineering therefore provides job opportunities that are associated with the following disciplines;

Mechanical engineering

Computer engineering

Electrical engineering

Electronics engineering

Systems engineering

Control engineering

Telecommunication engineering

Robotics engineering

Automobile engineering and so on.


Chemical industries

Nuclear industries

Aerospace industries


Oil and gas industries

Manufacturing industries

Power supply industries

Telecommunication industries

Food processing industries

Commercial farms

Hospitals and health care centers


Automobile industries

Entertainment industries

Internet based companies

and so many others.


In summary, mechatronics engineering can work at every single known industry. However, the obtain a degree in such a super engineering field like mechatronics engineering means that you must have this ferocious or strong passion for engineering.

Also, the knowledge for mathematics, physics and other science courses cannot be derided. You would crucially need them as you study such a tough engineering field called mechatronics engineering.

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