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List of unique business ideas with very little in Nigeria

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Although, there are a lot of businesses you can invest in, but a major encumbrance is the high level of competition that arises from these businesses. On the streets and on the roads, there are a colossal number of people selling or offering the same products or services.

A practical instance; when the use of P.O.S was incepted, only a few people started this business. But after some years, we can now see that the P.O.S business is practiced by so many people. On the streets, you can even see three P.O.S shops waiting to offer you their services.

On account of the stiff competition, the success of your newly established or already established business may be threatened. Luckily, there are a lot of businesses you can venture in, without having to worry about much competition.

Of course, there are still unique businesses out there with very low competition regardless of the numbers of already established businesses. Although, the number of businesses that are practiced by the general public are indeed variegated that there are hardly any unique business with less competition. However, there still existing businesses which only a few people are practicing.

 Actually, the reason behind this situation is that these unique businesses can only be practiced and developed by those with unique skills and a passion to handle business.

For instance, the selling of food items is not a unique business because there are no needed or required skills to start up a food selling business or the establishment of a business center is not a unique business because its skill can be easily acquired by anybody.

In developing a very unique business, you must be pertinacious enough to acquire its skills and therefore reap its benefits.

These unique businesses are as follows;

APP DEVELOPMENT: A minimal number of people can truly develop functional application software. Among few groups of people with such knowledge are those;

  • Who are not attracting financial or monetary benefits from such peculiar skills.
  • Who are not imaginative enough to design relevant application software

  • Who wants to benefits financially from this skill but do not know how

  • Who are benefiting financially from their skills.

The three points highlighted above have drastically reduced the number of people with skills in application development. The relevancy of this skill cannot be any way derided especially in our fast developing world. People with such programming skill are highly valued. Almost every company or enterprises now wants to own an application software which provides clients or customers the interface to interact with the service or product they offer or sell respectively. Before, fast food centers have no application software through which customers can interact with the food they sale, but now, almost every illustrious fast food center is building and owning its application software.

There is enough room for application developer in both the developed and developing nation of the world. So it would be sad to see this opportunity get waved away.

GAME DEVELOPMENT: One of the biggest reason I find predilection for game development is it continuous renewal. Anybody that loves games and play them would always ask for more. Game developement therefore demands for continuous effort because the skill needed to design a game can be very enervating. Game design require a lot of coding, skill, time and effort to achieve a truly interesting game


 Networking security expert strives to maintain the safety of files and programs on a network and therefore requires hacking skills. In Nigeria, networking security expert are really few in number. They are needed by companies and organization to protect important transactions, files or program from cyber theft.

They are needed in the telecommunication industry, education sector, internet based companies like AMAZON, GODADDY, DOMAINKING and so on. Luckily, you there are so many sites on the web you can acquire this professional skill from and also obtain a certificate.

SEO CONSULTANT: These days, a lot of bloggers have strived hard to make the internet a very interesting place. We can see how some bloggers sites like Lindaikejis blog, Nigeriafinder, MOZ is generating a lot of money.

The truth is that the blogging career is becoming more competitive than ever because almost every one could create a blog within the snap of your fingers. To maintain a blog or to achieve that vision you actually created for your blog for which is normally generating traffic which in turn brings profit can be very tricky.

Anyone may be able to create a blog but may find it extremely tricky to grow a blog’s traffic through proper SEO techniques. SEO consultant are extremely scared in Nigeria , therefore being an SEO consultant can be make you extremely valuable to companies and organizations who love their business.

ANIMATION DESIGN: A lot of people are pursuing careers in acting, engineering, medicine but very few can  see the relevance of designing and developing animations. That is why Nigeria and most developing countries produce cartoons with no interesting feature which makes most children deride it.

Luckily, those involve in animation development are eating fat from its benefits because very few are involved in this business. Animation design is very necessary when it comes to the production of movies and cartoons that tend to produce that strong thrill. Apart from entertainment, animation design is also prominent when it comes to the creation of adverts especially adverts that are focus on children.


These career or business cannot be acquired lackadaisically rather it requires tenacity and action. Most often, it may be difficult to see great mentors ready to give you tutors on the above skills.

Luckily, there are billions or articles available on the World Wide Web (WWW) that you can read and become an expert in no time. You could also visit some u tube channel to deliver practical insights on the IT based skills. GOOD-LUCK! As you journey through the right business.


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