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Top Seven Highest paying engineering jobs in Nigeria and their salary offer

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   Top Seven paying engineering jobs in Nigeria and their salary offer

 Engineering, as we all know it, is an illustrious job in Nigeria. This is a fact in which its veracity cannot be questioned. We see thousands of Nigerians youths struggling to gain admission in courses like mechanical engineering, gas engineering and so on. Sometimes or most of the time, these Nigerian universities are forced to change the courses of the multitude due to the reasons like the universities inability to accommodate these large number of youth in their desired engineering courses.

 Every single year, the Nigerian universities disgorge thousands of graduates eminently qualified as an engineering graduate. This is however not surprising because engineers in Nigeria are awarded with great emoluments or prodigious salaries.

In Nigeria, we have surprisingly myriads of engineering courses offered by the Nigerian universities, each with their respective worth, value and even pay. Some may pay higher, while some may pay in an exiguous amount. This therefore draws us closer to the aim of this article; to divulge the top 10 paying engineering degrees in Nigeria in a descending order.


Petroleum engineering is a field of engineering that entails the production of hydrocarbons which can either be crude oil or natural gas. This crude oil or petroleum resource was founded in Oloibirin Bayelsa State 1957 in commercial quantity and ever since it has displaced agriculture as being the major revenue commodity in the country Nigeria. Petroleum engineering therefore became a major practice due to its prodigious revenue and has become a prestige job in the eyes of so many Nigerians.
To add verisimilitude to this, Shell, a prominent based petroleum industry which was founded in Nigeria since 1937 is one of the highest paying jobs in the country, Nigeria which pays even IT (industrial training) students as much as N50 000. We also have other engineering oil/gas related industries like NNPC, TOTAL, CHREVON, NNLG and many more which pays their employees with an amazing salary.
 To sum it all about the salary structure offered by petroleum engineers:

An entry level staff makes up to: N500 000

 An average petroleum engineer makes up to: N1 500000.

 A senior petroleum staff makes as high as N5 000000.


  Aeronautic/aviation engineering does not entail the flying of aircraft, but also deals with the design and maintenance of sophisticated aircraft needed not only for an air transport company like Aero contractors Company of Nigeria Limited to fly passengers but can be also sold to private owners.

  The unique quality about this engineering job in Nigeria is that the demographics population of people who admire this field of engineering is often very high but alas, only but a few universities offers admission to study aeronautic/aviation engineering. Therefore the population density of these engineers is of a derisory quantity, therefore making them more wanted and expensive.

To sum it all about the salary structure offered by software engineers.

 An entry level staff makes up to: 500 000

An average aeronautic engineer makes up to 1 000000

A senior aeronautic engineer staff makes up to 4 500000.


   Software engineers are prominent figure in any tech based company. They are responsible for the writing, testing and maintenance of computer programs and that is why they are sometimes refer to as computer programs engineer. Software engineers are needed in almost every company in Nigeria which includes banks, libraries, even oil related industries, networking firms like GLO, MTN (Nigeria’s largest network). This is dependent on the reason that most industries make use of integrated software to manage and promote their business.

   Software engineers must therefore learn to obliterate the idea of working as a one man squad, as they are required to work as a team with others that share same vision.

 To sum it all about the salary structure offered by software engineers.

 An entry level staff makes up to: N400 000000

An average software engineer makes up to N1000 000

A senior software engineer staff makes up to N2 500000.


  Chemical engineers are high salary earners in Nigeria. They deal with the development and design of an effective chemical manufacturing process. In other words, they deploy the knowledge and principles of chemistry, biology, physics and math to solve problems that involve the production and use of chemicals, fuel, drugs, food and may other products. They oversee the entire manufacturing process in the production of products like detergent, sanitizers. They are also interested in the production of petrochemicals like methane, acetylene, benzene, ethane, propane etc.

 An entry level staff makes up to: N400 000000

An average chemical engineer makes up to N700 000

A senior chemical engineer staff makes up to N1 500000


   Electrical electronic engineering is very broad in nature in Nigeria, it is even said that one of could have specialized in software engineering after a degree in electrical or electronic engineering. Electrical electronic engineering focuses on the distribution of electricity to the general public, it goes further than that, as they are also involve in the production and maintenance of machine or system that use and produce electricity. They produce systems like pressing iron, electric cooker, fridge etc. They are needed in industries like shell in the handling, building and maintenance of electronics systems.

    Thermocool is a typical example of an engineering firm that deploys or sees the skill of an electrical electronic engineer as an exigency. Others companies include oil related industries, networking firms and many more.

  To sum it all about the salary structure offered by electrical electronic engineers.

 An entry level staff makes up to: N300 000

An average electrical electronic engineer makes up to N 500 000

A senior electrical electronic engineer staff makes up to N1 000000.


  Mechanical engineering staffs are highly paid in this part of the world, Nigeria. They make more money when they work in the marine sector, specializing in the building of ships and mechanical parts for ships. They are also a variegated number of sector where they receive preferential treatment cause of their need is high.

  It is important to note that mechanical engineers and electrical electronic engineers work hand in hand. Mechanical engineering as a field in engineering is arguable the broadest engineering field in the world.

  To sum it all about the salary structure offered by mechanical engineers.

 An entry level staff makes up to: N200 000

An average mechanical engineer makes up to N400 000

A senior mechanical engineer staff makes up to N800 000.


  Civil engineering as a job is widely known throughout Nigeria because their work, designs and product can be seen each and every day we step out to see the open world. The designs of Nigerian roads, streets, bridges, and prestigious buildings like malls, companies and many more are solely dependent on the expertise of these set of engineers. These set of engineers work mostly for the government in the implantation of project that has to do with construction and rehabilitation of roads, bridges and many more.

    To sum it all about the salary structure offered by mechanical engineers.

 An entry level staff makes up to: 200 000

An average civil engineer makes up to 400 000

A senior civil engineer staff makes up to 800 000


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