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Top Highest paying companies in Nigeria

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Top Highest paying companies in Nigeria


  The paramount reason we write jamb, pass jamb, seek admission into the university, gain that admission maybe to the desired course of your choice or maybe not, study hard, feel proud when we make good grades and come out successfully as a graduates is to secure ourselves a good job, not just any good job but a high paying job. This is the wish and daily prayer of a colossal number of undergraduates, masters or a doctorate student. After all, getting a high paying job is the very reason you went through all the stress of reading and cramming both the necessary and irrelevant.

   This therefore is the reason this article was written; to enlighten young undergraduates on their way to making Nigeria proud, graduates who have successfully sojourn their way out of the university or higher college, employees who are not gratified with their jobs the top 10 highest paying companies in Nigeria. Below are the companies that pays extremely high even in the midst of the terrible recession that the country Nigeria is mired into. 

Top Highest paying companies in Nigeria

Exxon Mobil

 Exxon Mobil Corporation is an international multinational oil and gas industry.
It is an internationally known firm widely known in the business world. Exxon Mobil is an American established Corporation of which headquarter can be located in Irving, Texas.

    Exxon Mobil is not only reputed as the highest paying company in Nigeria but also as the world’s fifth-largest oil and gas industry with a revenue of $268.8Billion. This gives an aspiring young Nigerian Graduates hope that he or she would be highly paid, if he/she could secure a job in Exxon Mobil.

  Alas, getting a job in Exxon Mobil can be exasperating. As we all know that in Nigeria, corruption and nepotism is the order of the day. Those who are highly influential or those who are highly lucky could secure a job in a high paying company like Exxon Mobil.


 Total oil and gas industry takes the second lead in one of the highest paying companies in the world. Total is an international company, to be more specific, it is a French multinational integrated oil and gas company. Total has grown immensely over the years to become one of the seven “Supermajor” oil companies in the world and still rates down to be one of the highest paying companies in the country Nigeria.

  Employees are paid in millions of Naira though depending on area of specialization, as some area may be given preferential treatment. The salaries of staff are incremental and are prone to increase on account of promotion and hard work as well.


  Shell commonly known as the Royal Dutch Shell is an illustrious multinational oil and gas industry which arrived to the nation Nigeria in 1937. Like the above oil and gas industry, shell is first founded in a foreign land outside the borders of Africa with it’s headquarter being situated at Nether land and incorporated in the United Kingdom. The Royal Dutch Shell has played a fascinated role in the award of scholarship to interested students in the tertiary level.

  The Royal Dutch pays very high emoluments to its staff. To add verisimilitude to this, IT students are paid N50 000. Then how much would a graduate who is eminently qualified for the job be paid?


 This is another top high paying company in Nigeria. Chevron also deals with oil and gas and it is foreign based as well, an American oil and gas company to be specific. Chevron in Nigeria sees the growth of energy in Nigeria as an exigency and works to meet Nigeria’s expectation. For a start Chevron pays her staff as much as an estimate of N500 000.


  NNPC is a National establishes oil industry. It is established as an indicative that flags up the importance of oil to the federal government and an importance part of the economy. NNPC is a diminutive word representing National Nigerian Petroleum Corporation. This oil industry deals not only with the production of crude oil but also produce petrochemicals. NNPC staffs are highly paid. Workers are sometimes given free in house training to improve their skills and virility man power of the company. NNPC senior staffs receive millions of naira as emoluments on monthly basis.

Intel Corporation

 Intel Corporation is one of the top highest paying companies in Nigeria. Unlike the above companies, Intel sees the production of tech products as an exigency. It is the second largest producers and providers of the second valued semi conductor chip makers based on revenue. Intel Corporation are manufacturers of product of computer hardware and communicative devices like motherboard chipset, network interface controllers and integrated circuit, flash memory, graphics chips, embedded processors and many more.

    As a result of the high amount of revenue generated by Intel Corporation in Nigeria, she therefore has what it takes to pay her workers or staff extremely well therefore becoming one of the top paying companies in Nigeria.


  MTN Nigeria has made a huge name in the telecommunication world of Nigeria. She is the first mobile telecommunication network in Nigeria and has endeared herself to many by making so many Nigerian rich through such TV program like Project Fame, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Popular musician like Chidinma and Iyanya, the ‘all I want is your waste guy’ are living testimony of MTN Nigeria big actions.

  MTN pays her biggest staff extremely well with an estimate of N12 million per annum that is a million naira every month. The salary decreases as rank falls.


  Schlumberger limited is the world largest oilfield service company which was originally founded in France. Like every other oil industry, Schlumberger pays her staff extremely well due to the fact that the revenue it achieves every year is extremely high. Schlumberger also pays its senior staff up to a million naira on monthly basis.

Coca Cola Nigeria

 Coca cola is one of the popular producers and providers or best sellers of soft drink in so many countries in the world today and Nigeria is not excluded. They are at the top of their game in the production of myriads of beverages. In other words they produce more than 3500 beverages. Staffs or workers of Coca Cola are highly paid. I have seen a head staff of Coca cola who read business administration in his master’s program make up to N2 million every month. How surprising, right?

  General Electric

 General electric is a very popular company in Nigeria. it is a global industrial digital company which are responsible for the manufacture and offer of different product and service respectively like aircraft engines, power generation, oil and gas production equipment to medical imaging, financial and industrial products. General electric has affected areas like power, renewable energy, oil and gas, aviation, transportation, healthcare and many more. General electric In Nigeria pays her workers extremely well. General Electric pays an entry staff in the field of engineering up to N350 000 per month.

Nigerian Breweries Plc

    Nigerian Breweries Plc is also into food products. This company is not only one of the highest paying companies in the country Nigeria, but one of the most successful brewing companies in Nigeria. Nigeria Brewery pays entry staff an estimate of N300 000 per month.

Nestle Nigeria

 Nestle Nigeria is a food processing company in Nigeria. It happens to make it up to the list of the highest paying companies in Nigeria due to the fact it pays its workers very well with extra benefits. Head workers make up to N600 000 per month.


 Addax is one of the oil and gas industries in Nigeria which of course deals in the exploration, production and provision of oil and gas to the general public for consumption basis. Addax pays her staff well, as an entry staff seems to make up to N300 thousand per month.

Arik Air

 This is one of the biggest airlines in Nigeria which is established to serve the country, Nigeria through the provision of transportation service by air. Flight engineer who monitors and operates complex aircraft system seems to be greatly paid even in millions of naira per month.

Con oil

 Con oil plc is also one of Nigeria’s petroleum marketing companies. They sell petroleum products like kerosene, gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel and low pour fuel. Con oil is headed by Mike Adenuga. Entry staff are paid up to 120 000.


 NNLG (Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas) is a Nigerian industry which produces liquefied natural gas. It head office can be located at Port Harcourt. NNLG workers are also highly paid. Its junior staff makes 100 to 150 thousand per month.

Aqua shield oil and maritime service limited

  Aqua shield oil and maritime service limited is one of Nigeria’s home based company. It is quite conspicuous that it is a maritime company. Aqua Shield Oil and Maritime Service Limited focuses on oil and gas, construction and major maritime services like maritime support, offshore fabrication, marine logistics etc. Entry staff are paid up to N100 000 per month.

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