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Top 12 Best Paying Jobs In Nigeria

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Top 12 Best paying occupation in Nigeria

            Top 12 Best Paying Jobs IN Nigeria 
 We all have a voracious and indisputable appetite for authentic information, facts and knowledge concerning the world of occupation, career, business or something we do for a living to earn us great money. We most times feel gutted or get pissed out when we do not get the right information at times. Sure, it is okay to feel that way, as my future, your future and the business future of this world depends on it for survival and in order to make an amazing living.

The World of Both Business and jobs in Nigeria
  Nigeria before and now is buzzing with different kinds of business, ranging from small local business to large commercial business. Every place you tend to find yourself, every corner in Nigeria that humans can be found, the shout of business is never conspicuous by absence; we even have businesses affiliated to other business, which I could call business inside another business.

The conspicuous noise of advertisement, the sweet noise of traders, the funny voices of traders and buyers agitating over prices, the tumultuous voices of traders pleading for more customers, the noise of ‘please buy from me, ’ won’t you buy from me?’ is a prevalent situation in the world today and Nigeria is not excluded. Even the already successful millionaires or billionaires, or should I say, the already successful business men stills sit down on a chair and think on how to improve their business, they make more effort to surpass their competitors or rivals in the same business, they make extra efforts not to come to an ignominious end, that is enough reason, why this business men invest more, advertise more, think harder, think wide, and build more. These successful business men spend time, effort and money on young minds and other asset, in order to remain at the mountain top of business status.

A colossal number of people are determined to work hard, they are exuberant in mind and in spirit, they are valiant enough to accept whatever jobs, as well as the challenges that job may offer, but on sober reflection, no one wants a job that offers a very low payment, as the situation may be quite infuriating.

 I have spent a lot of time with different people with different dreams, different aspirations, different goals, different ambitions, different mindset, different characters, as well as different wants and needs. I found out that everyone wants to succeed, no one wants to be a failure and everyone wants to impress their parents and wants to repay their kindness. This article is therefore aimed at presenting to you the best paying jobs or occupations in the world to enable you achieve your dreams and buy your parents any car of their choice. 

The Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Nigeria
     The top ten best paying jobs presented in an arranged order of sequence in Nigeria

Diversified businesses are one of the leading jobs of this country Nigeria. But who does it really mean to diversify? To diversify means to endure double or triple pains and reap in double for enduring the pains. To diversify means to be an entrepreneur of more than just one owned business. Diversifiers can be an oil tycoon and also a miner; a diversifier can be an agriculturist magnate and a successful miner at the same time. A diversifier could indirectly handle more than one different business through the help of his/her staffs.

Diversifiers make their money from more than one source or angle due to the myriads of businesses they own. Diversifying your businesses is the richest job in this country, Nigeria. Do you still doubt? Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote is a diversifier, he operates more than one kind of business including cements, flour, sugar. According to Forbes, Aliko Dangote still has in mind the idea of diversifying into the production of fertilizer.

Diversifying has become an area of focus to most rich men in Nigeria and the world as a whole. They are six (6) billionaires out of twenty three (23) whose wealth comes from demystifying their business. 

When you think of politicians, you are quite right to also to think of resource managers. Politicians are resource managers of a particular country. They act as representatives of that country, as well as leaders to that country. Politicians have the power to control, as well as appoint leaders to every department of the country including the financial, agricultural, educational, information and other department of the country.

 Politicians of every country are paid monthly, as well as given annual allocations of fund for the betterment of whatsoever area they have been appointed. Politicians are sometimes said to be found practicing different nefarious act like embezzling public funds. Politicians drive big cars, own big mansion.

But did you know? Politicians in Nigeria are highly corrupt, some are them would be given a huge amount of money meant for an entire community, state or even a country and they would simply pocket this colossal or profuse amount of money. If most illustrious Nigerian politicians net worth were to be released to the general public, there would be howl of shouts. Some of the politicians would simply be ranked as African biggest billionaire. 

 Petroleum Engineering:
Petroleum or crude oil has served as a major source of revenue to so many countries, its act as the source of revenue to countries like Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and so many other countries. Petroleum engineering provides these countries with millions of dollars annually.

Through the advent of petroleum, more and more oil producing industries are established, in order to meet the demand of the huge and hungry consumers. With the advent of petroleum, as well with the continuous production of its products, the issue of unemployment in so many countries is gradually being exterminated through the employment of graduates in field like petroleum/gas engineering, oil and gas engineering, petrochemical/industrial chemistry technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and lots more.

Most wealthy men in the world today are involved in oil and gas business, which benefits them a lot of money, as long as crude oil does not go extinct.

Telecommunication Engineering:
 Telecommunication engineers would make no money at all, if this world happens to be isolated without any interactions and socialization, but however, we are in a social world which is full of so many social activities, business activities and therefore requires a lot of interactions, gossips, exchanging of jokes or banters and so many activities that is concerned with human communications from far and near distance.

 In other to provide a picturesque picture of what I mean, I will dive a little into the world of business. People are the heart beat and life wire to every business, the more the people, fans or followers, the more successful that business becomes. Telecommunication is the heart beat to the internet, telecommunication provides a means of not only gaining access to the internet, but also communication regardless of distance possible.

Millions of airtimes are bought everyday by so many people, which generate millionaires of dollars annually to a telecommunication firm. Telecommunication industry plays an important role in the generation of income to some the richest men in the world. Dollar billionaires like Carlos Slim Helu, Mike Adenuga, Strive Masiyiwa and many more who has unlock the power of a telecom business now enjoys from its wealth.

6   Music:
Back in the formal days, music was just a form of entertainment for everyone, there was no restriction, in fact musicians in the formal days were not fully respected and does not got what it takes to sit down with men of high standards and financial status, but now, we can say that the reverse is the case. Musicians are highly rewarded financially and socially.

Musicians in Nigeria make a lot of money and are incredibly rich. They do not only make money from the song the released or the extravagant shows performed. They are also entitled to great endorsement deals with top companies in Nigeria. Some of this musicians advertise those companies product, some advice the companies, some represents the company, in whatever way this musicians earn a lot from those endorsement deals which is just a single stream of wealth.

Taking a further look at income emanating from the shows they perform and the song released, you will find out that music in Nigeria either Gospel or Secular is one of the top highest paying jobs in Nigeria. Musicians net worth are incredibly so high, it makes me wanna scream.

A colossal number of people want to become an actor or an actress, I do not really want to haul them over the coal or criticize them in any way, because I have truly confirmed it that the benefits of an actress or an actor are truly high. Most actors and actress have an amazing net worth, which would be an extremely difficult task for an average man to earn, even in so many years.

 Just take a look at some of the financial net worth of some of the following foreign actors; Jerry Seinfeld- net worth ( $820 million), Mel Gibson- net worth( $800 million), Tom cruise-net worth ($480 million), Jack Nicholson-net worth ($480 million). These net worth are mind blowing right? Fantastic, fascinating! It is truly a huge amount of money owned just by an individual.

Investment is one of the most amazing jobs in Nigeria because it does not really need so much of your physical effort, time or man power. It only requires your money. In a nutshell, you just got to sit back and relax while your money does all the work for you. Investment is what truly holds so many companies round the world today. Even the famous Bill Gates owns approximately 14% of Microsoft industry, the other shares are owned by investors.

 If you are looking for a top best paying job in Nigeria that would not encroach so much on your time, then I would emphatically recommend smart investments. However, to be a successful investor, you will need to be very discreet, so as to avoid being fraud.

Real Estate
  So many money makers in Nigeria and even abroad are into real estate business. The amazing thing about real estate business is that you would be making your profit in millions of naira per a house, land sold. So many rich and illustrious individuals like the musicians, actors, politicians etc simply hates to settle for less and would therefore love to buy mansions from real estate dealers.

Mike Adenuga uses the real estate business as a means to boost his wealth.  

 Agriculture is a very famous occupation, which has served so many countries in diverse ways in the improvement of its economic virility. Agriculture has so many options to pick from; I mean agriculture has so many component parts in which it is made up of. Agriculture will offer a huge amount of money when concentrated on food processing. Companies like the famous coca-cola company is making millionaires of dollars annually, the famous African richest man who has an active lead for seven years in a row as the richest African, Aliko Dangote is into food processing.

 Famous book writers like professor Wole Sole Yinka,  and many others are not only living a life of fulfillment but are also greatly paid for what they do  best, I mean writing. Making about 2 million copies for a book of $10 would cause you to be a millionaire, after removing the capital expenses for the production of that number of book.

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