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Top 10 highest paying occupations in the world

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Top 10 highest paying occupations in the world


         $500 000000 and higher with an annual increments believe me is so many people’s wish. Everyone works hard like an eager beaver, so many people go to school, thrive to earn a good grade and come out with an excellence performance, and while others who may not be opportune to go to school or feels that education is not the way forward, do what they know best with so much tenacity with the mindset of making $1 000000 and more.

       It is okay to dream wide, think about all the great things you could do with money when you have acquired it; you could buy a very big mansion, travel round the world as you please, spend money on the poor and have a personal jet and lots more.

    In fact this very article is aimed at providing voracious readers just like you the top 10 highest paying occupations in the world. After all, the reason you would engage yourself in any occupation is for the sole purpose of making enough money in order to take care of your wants and your needs. Therefore here are the top 10 paying occupations in the world. 

   DIVERSIFIED  business                                                                                      

 I know that you may be wondering what a diversified business is all about. A diversifier here is an entrepreneur who runs myriads of businesses. So many people believe that specialization is the key; however we can see that most of our successful billionaires are diversifiers. They run a diversified or multi faceted number of businesses, which in turn grant them profit from a profuse number of angles. We can see this in the success of men like Charles Koch, David Koch, Li ka-shing and so many more.


      Politics is all about making the right judgment capable of moving the nation forward. In other words these politicians represent the nation and are entitled to the nation’s wealth and resources. It is therefore the prerogative right of these politicians to control the direction of the flow of wealth of their own country, which some of them may control the wealth of their nation into their pockets. Some of these Politicians earn prodigious emoluments in millions and billions of dollars. In addition to this, they are paid myriads of allowances.

    To add verisimilitude to this; there is no famous politician who does not drive fancy cars and are not owners of a mighty mansion. Those into real politics are not only entitled to wealth, but are also privileged to power.

  Computer science

     There is no doubt that there was a paradigm shift the world experienced and that shift is coming from the use of manual equipment to the use of computerized devices. Those enhancing those momentous changes stand out to the very popular and rich. Computer science is the talk of the day. Computer science has enriched a lot of individuals today; individuals like Jeff Bezos who started his online business in the garage, Bill Gates who quitted school to finally pursue his online dreams, the young billionaire Mark Zukerberg cannot be excluded from the list. Computer science is one of the richest occupations in the world because of its ability to engage a colossal number of people round the world and sell your product or display your talent to those billions of people.

  However computer science is very broad in nature, having different sub fields being one of the richest occupations in the world and they are;

  •      Search engine engineers

 We have in the world only a few search engines which act as page rankers to variegated number of articles written over the internet and a very high number of curious people demanding for more knowledge from the internet. Google process 40 000 search queries per second, per day its process 3.5 billion search queries and a year an estimate of 1.2 trillion searches. Google has a profuse number of advertisers ready to partner with them to promulgate their business to the entire world. We also have other search engines like bing, yahoo, and so on. Surely, this is a very illustrious career to venture into.

  •      Social network developers 

  When we hear the word ‘social network’ one thing that we may think of is the 4th richest person in the world in 2018, Mr. Mark Zukerberg with a net worth of $71 billion. Well what make him rich are social networks, a platform where you chat, chat and chat. Social networks like face book, Eskimi, palm chat, instagram and lots more engage a lot of people round the world. So many people use this social platform as not only a way to waste their time but as a medium to promote their businesses, website etc. There are millions of people buying adverts from Mark Zukerberg increasing his net worth each second. Everyone loves a good social network therefore making it one of the illustrious careers in the world.

  •     Game developers

 Almost every child in this big world loves game including some adults and they are willing to give you their money in exchange for a game well made. Imagine where 100 million children should pay you for a pc action game you made. Within the count of one, you would immediately turn rich. You can ask game companies like Sony computer Entertainment which produce some of the best games in the world, it now worth $13.4 billion because of designing of games for children and adults. 

    Cartoon/animation developers

  All you need is faith and a little gum power. The cartoon world is full of ludicrous, pertinacious, scary, lovely, cute personalities capable of making us laugh. Cartoonist/animators become rich when they produce cartoons that bring about strong thrill. Animation studio like Pixar is playing their cards well and they worth so much.


    Entertainment can be seen in distance past when the king was sad and would hire a jester to amuse him to drain his sorrow; people would hire an entertainer to resonate the air with laughter or humor. In the formal days, the amounts paid to these entertainers were very exiguous; entertainers were not considered as one of the richest.

   But now, those good old days are gone. Entertainment is becoming more and more pervasive. Entertainers got fans; in fact they are very illustrious and popular. People who engaged in this occupation are not only very rich but are very famous also

Petroleum engineering

   A colossal number of countries make use of petroleum resources to provide revenue for their nation. This is one of the reasons so many students struggle to read oil related courses at the tertiary level. An average petroleum workers make as much as $144 000,000 and there are still chances this salary can be incremented in the next few years.


    Coming next on our list is telecommunication, in other to add verisimilitude, we can see an illustrious individual who has made his way to the list of the world’s richest and his name is Carlos Slim Helu. He was once the world richest man in the world while Bill Gates had second place. Telecom is an integral part of the online world; everyone can communicate with the internet through the power of telecommunication. Lovers want to phone each other and communicate endearment to one another, you love movies that provide strong thrills right, through telecommunication, your favorite movies, sports, news channels and many more interesting networks are available right away. Surely, these set of engineers deserve a bonus.

  Aeronautic engineering

   If you say aeronautic, I will tell you about adventures, if you say aeronautics, then you must be talking about flying. Though, aeronautic engineering does not only entails flying on an aircraft only. In fact flying a plane is such a facet of an aeronautic engineering job. Aeronautic engineering are also responsible in the building and maintenance of an aircraft. Aeronautic engineering is one of the richest jobs on the planet, as is involved putting your life at risk.  

Online Retailers

  We all know what retailing is right? Retailing involves selling goods in small quantity to individual consumer. How can just selling goods in exiguous quantity yield prodigious profit and make it up to the world richest occupation? Well, that because it is done smartly with the aid of the internet.

    The popularity of online retailing has grown so popular that almost everybody is interesting in online retailing. Some online retailing firms include, (found in Nigeria), jumia (found in Nigeria), walmart inc.

Automobile Engineering

 Automobile retailers make enough of money left alone designers and manufacturers of the automobiles.


 So many people have an idealize view about agriculture, they assume to themselves that agriculture offers a minimal pay, in fact these views are farcical and if a huge number of people who are denizens of a particular nation continues to uphold this view, the economy of that nation would slowly be mired down the abyss of poverty.

  However, the article would help obliterate your idealize view about agriculture. An agriculturist can make as much money as bill gates solely depending on his sale. So many companies, firms and industries depend on agricultural products for example food processing industries, firms that deal with furniture designs and making and many more.


  Boxing is one of the most famous sport games in the world and one of the richest occupations in the world. Alas, boxing occupation is not an easy one at all, you may end up with broken bones or a broken tooth or presumably, you may end up with being maimed for life. But seriously like everyone other profession boxing is not so easy, as is require fist to fist combat. But if you could overcome the number of trials set before you, you would reap in millions of dollars and may end up being as rich as Floyd Mayweather; the richest boxer in 2017 having a net worth of $340 million.


  Everybody loves soccer, I love soccer too, even most ladies soccer, soccer is a worldwide game, it is very popular and well known. Therefore if you are a footballer, you are well known are very popular. Soccer is one of the richest occupations in the one today because of the profuse number of people it has endeared to itself.  

  These occupations are one of the richest in the world because of its ability to excite millions and even billions of people, in other words, the success of any occupation depend solely on the number of people it influences.

 However, it is necessary to know your talents before you jump into any occupation. So many of these occupations above in time past was negligible and offers very derisory pay but today they were brought to the light through a dint of hard work and meticulous planning by men who saw value in those occupation.

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