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What are the roles of mechanical engineers in an oil and gas industry

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  What are the roles of   mechanical engineers in an oil and gas industry?



     There is no doubt that a mechanical engineer can work in the oil and gas industry but the question that bothers most young aspirants is “what role does a mechanical engineer play in an oil and gas industry?”
In other to provide an intelligible answer to this question, it would be necessary to provide a little description of the oil and gas industry.


The oil and gas industry is a fully operational system consisting of interrelated and interdependent sub system which all works together for the increased extraction and production of oil and natural gas in an environmental and harmless way.

Although, the roles of petroleum engineers, chemical engineers, oil and gas engineers etc. can be properly spelt out. Other profession may seem extraneous in an oil and gas producing industry to a newbie.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is arguably the broadest engineering discipline which is simply the study of the production, maintenance and repair of machine. In order for a mechanical engineer to achieve his or her sole purpose, he or she must study and apply certain principles. Among this principles are friction, fluid pressure, force, heat and so on. A lot of people usually have an idealize view of the term “machine”. Some people view the term “machine” as a big complicated device that is composed of multifarious parts. However, it is just a misconception; a machine is anything that makes work easy. It can be a wheel barrow, a hammer or even just a screw driver.


As written above, the oil and gas industry consist of interdependent department which cooperatively work towards a goal. Without the mechanical engineers, there would not be an oil and gas industry. Although, I am not an engineer but once an aspirant like you, but my job is to collate information from those who has experience in the field of engineering and deliver that information to you. I was opportune to come in contact with those who had worked in the oil and industry for several years. When I asked those questions that relates with the term “mechanical engineering in an oil and gas industry”. They would always tell me that mechanical engineers are found mostly on the field in an oil and gas industry.

Some of the duties performed by a mechanical engineer in an oil and gas industry are;

Mechanical engineers are responsible for building the component of the oil and gas industry especially the pipes through the oil flows through. They usually perform these tasks through a process known as welding. Welding is joining pieces of metals together by heating their edges and pressing them together. The mechanical engineer is also concerned with the size and strength of the metal pipe. They ensure the pressure orchestrated by the movement of the fluids ensuring that the fluids are not above limit. They combine the principle of material science, heat, pressure, and fluid mechanics and so on in performing such task.

Mechanical engineers are also responsible for maintaining mechanical devices used in an oil and gas industry. Mechanical engineers are the important figures in charge of transportation of the oil vessels especially in large oil and gas industry. They are responsible for the control and movement of machineries such as crane. 


The mechanical engineers perform other specific function which are not listed post, but you to be relevant in your field as a mechanical engineer you would need practical skills.

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