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Lecturing career vs. banking career (which is better) in Nigeria

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          Lecturing career vs. banking career (which is better) in Nigeria


 Presently in Nigeria, the issue of over population is no longer a story, it is now a poem. The population of Nigerian can be seen to have emphatically proliferated over the years. This has also increase the population of graduates in the country. The large and pressing demands by graduates in respect to limited number of jobs in Nigeria has result to what we call an “Upside side down equation”. Whereby every Nigerian who happens to be a graduate of any course now seek employment to be a banker or a lecturer.

In this part of the world (Nigeria) of present day, so many graduates of different discipline like medicine, biochemistry, engineering, library and information science and many more are forcefully pursuing a career in banking or lecturing. Banks today no longer seek graduates from finance and banking, economy etc. only, but welcome graduates from other disciplines as well. Once you are able to attain your Masters degree and run a PDGE (if you are not from the faculty of education), you are ready to become a lecturer.

 To ascertain the veracity of this; try to make friends with different bankers at different banks, you will find out that some of them did not read courses like accounting, finance and banking etc. some are graduates from various other discipline which little or no business in the banking sector.

 Although, do not quote me wrong; lecturing and banking are not the only jobs common among our Nigerian graduates when there is scarcity of jobs. However, banking and lecturing is one of the most common white collar jobs graduates of any course pursue on account of scarcity of jobs in the country.

 Which is better (Lecturing or banking)
 Would you prefer to lecture rather than to work in the bank or vice versa? Although, the decision is yours to make, but I would provide you with the information powerful enough to make you choose which is better.

Okay, let get serious. In choosing the best career there are factors you would like to consider. These factors include;

1.     Salary size

2.     Strike and owe of salary

3.     Stress

4.     How much time would you have for yourself
5.     Passion

The salary size
  The monthly income earned by a lecturer or banker is the first pre-requisite to ascertain which is better between lecturing and banking job. Every Nigerian is very attentive when it comes to a matter like salary size or structure in judging how lucrative a job can be.

 However, there is no much disparity between how much a lecturer earns and that of a banker. It is however pertinent to know that the increase in the salary size solely depends on the level of status or position that graduates may occupy.

Lecturer: The salary structure of a lecturer varies from one university to another. The take home pay check of a lecturer who lectures in a federal university would be higher than those lecturers who lecture at a state university. The take home pay check of a lecturer teaching in a private university would be higher than those teaching in state and federal universities of Nigeria.

Moreover, there is also disparity between the lecturers of the same level of different courses in the same higher institution. For example, lecturers in the discipline of medicine and other professional courses earn higher than lecturers in fields like education, humanities and so on.

Bankers: The salary of bankers varies. Different banks offer different take home pay checks to their employees. The salary of a banker who works at FCMB bank would be different from a banker that works at UBA bank. The number of customers that these banks have is factor that determines salary size of bankers which span across the various banks in Nigeria.

NOTE: It is a very big misconception to assume all bankers or lecturers collect the same size of emoluments. There is always variation in the salary structure on account of the different factors that affects the pay of a lecturer or banker.

Strike and owe of salary:

Lecturer: You would all agree that in this part of the world (Nigeria), the lecturing job is more susceptible to strikes and owe of salaries. Although, not all higher institution experience strikes and owe of salary especially privately owned higher institution. In Nigeria, a larger number of state and federal university experience strike and owe of salary. This is not funny at all.

Banking: The banking job do not really experience strike and owe of salary.


·        Over code of conduct

 Lecturing: Although every profession in the world has code of conduct. The lecturing professions in Nigeria hardly enforce all of its code of conduct, which is why you can still see a lecturer of 65 years old still lecturing. You can hardly get fired from a lecturing job except your offence is too indecorous. An evidence of this; is the colossal number of old people still lecturing in the higher institution.

Banking: The Banking profession comes with a lot of code of conduct, which is fully enforced. If you steal money, even as low as five naira note, you would immediately be fired, while your certificate would be seized. A lot of bankers has lost their certificate and are impelled to start from the scratch on account of miniature committed crime.

·       Requirement issue

Lecturing: To reach the apex as a lecturer, you would be required to write not less than thirty research papers or else, you would be stagnant in the lecturing profession.

Banker: To reach the apex as a banker is extremely hard. Why? Your qualification and years of experience is needed to migrate you to the top as a banker but if you are migrated to the top, what then happens to person at the top? So here, your luck speaks better.


Lecturer: You would definitely have enough time for yourself. This is why so many lecturers have the time to mange there family and also build a successful business. Especially in Nigeria, as a lecturer, if you decide not to lecture in a day, nobody would shout at you.

Banking: you would hardly have time for yourself except on Saturdays and Sundays. Normally, all banks in Nigeria closes at 4: 00pm from Monday to Friday, but in order to meet certain requirement, they are required to stay longer in the bank. There is hardly any banker that has the time to grow a business. This is the reason why many people feel that banking profession should be discouraged among married women in Nigeria.


 Above all, passion is the key factor that makes banking profession better than lecturing and vice versa for you as an individual. If you prefer teaching in front of the crowd, writing and making researches; the lecturing career is definitely for you but if on the other hand, you prefer to sit down in front of a computer and interact with a software database, make calculation base on people’s money, count money etc. the banking profession is definitely for you.

Above all, it would be best to follow your passion.

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