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Fine art job opportunities in Nigeria

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Fine art job opportunities in Nigeria


Creative art widely known a fine art is a unique discipline which demands practical skills and reasoning.
Why I find so many predilections in this discipline is because students studying the course at the higher institute are impelled to acquire enough practical skills other than theoretical knowledge.

However, this discipline in Nigeria is not making much progress. It is not highly recognized like other disciplines like accounting, medicine, engineering, pharmacy and so on, its lack of prestige in Nigeria is normally because of some reasons which are listed below.

·         Nigeria’s lackadaisical behavior towards development

·         Over dependency on white collar jobs

·         Myopic view on the job prospect of the discipline (fine art)

Nigeria’s lack of aggrandizement and Nigeria ‘s fine art graduates over depending on white collar jobs all acts as a big impediments affecting the job opportunities of graduates in the field of fine arts. Let me explain, there are so many job opportunities that awaits graduates in the field of fine art but the industries, companies or organization needed to fuel these opportunities still operates like they were still in the 80’s.

Also, prior recognition of entrepreneurial opportunities associated with the knowledge gotten from studying a degree in fine art is being treated with negligence by fine art graduates in Nigeria.

It is high time that graduates of fine arts start viewing themselves as entrepreneurs and start making extra ordinary change.

This article will enlighten you on entrepreneurial areas or opportunities that await any graduates in the field of fine arts.

ANIMATION DRAWING AND DESIGN: Animation design is a three in one package loaded with lots of benefits and opportunities. The drawing skills acquired by artist are never a waste. It can be applied to the design of animation which is later enhanced with the aid of computers. Animation design is given concentration in developed country. Animation design is needed in the production of

  • Reality movies:  In order to create that strong thrill, most movies employ the use of animated beings. These animated beings are drawn by artist but are enhanced with the aid of computers. But in Nigeria, we can see how animation found in Nollywood movies are poorly designed and even developed. It makes me want to ask, where are the competent artist of this nation

  • Cartoons: The animation you see in cartoons did not just pop out of nowhere. It is the jobs of artist to design and produce those animations which is then enhance with the aid of computers.

Animation is very useful not only in entertainment industry but also in advertising product especially when the targeted demographics are children

ARTIST WORK WITH FASHION DESIGNERS: Fine art goes a long way other than just drawings and painting. Artists are responsible for the beautiful designs found on some cloths. Drawings you see on cloths, bags etc. are not the work of tailor or fashion stylist rather they are the work of artists.

DESIGN OF KITCHEN UTENSILS: The creation of plates, spoon, cups etc. you use in your everyday life are the works of artist. In Nigeria, most artist are not using this opportunity rather this opportunities are left to non –graduates who never felt the stress of attending a four year degree program in Fine art.

DESIGN OF OTHER CREATIVE WORKS: As a fine art student, you would be taught to be creative because that what fine art is all about “Imagination and creation” Apart from the design of kitchen utensils. Artist can also produce creative work which can be commercially sold for profit. These creative works include flower vase, sculptures and so on.

FURNITURE MAKING: If you should go to a house and you do not see furniture in the living room and the bed room. What impression would you make? You would probably dislike such house. The designs of furniture that beautifies a house or company are done by artist.

The chairs, the desk, the shelf and other furniture that are used by schools, companies, homes and so on are one of the amazing works of an artist. Being a graduate in the field of fine art makes you exposed to diverse knowledge and If you decide to waste such opportunities, well every man is entitled to his own choice.

There is a lot of money in furniture making. Let try to be logical about this, your targeted demographics should be companies, schools and individuals who have exquisite taste. You can start selling your furniture to them.

You have an upper hand in this game, you happen to be a graduate of fine art from the higher institute which gives people much more reasons to trust you and buy your furniture.

TEACHING PROFESSION: Graduates of the field of fine art can equally pursue a career in the teaching profession just like every other discipline. At all level, from the primary level to the tertiary level, graduates of fine arts are needed.


Fine art is a game of skills. In other to succeed as a graduate of fine art in Nigeria, you must be able to hold entrepreneurship tight and strong. You do not need to over depend on white collar jobs

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