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Top 10 big business ideas to invest in with very high profit in Nigeria

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Top 10 big business ideas to invest in with very high profit in Nigeria



When I was younger, I had always believed in white collars jobs. A lot of people believed that securing a job in any gigantic industry, companies or organization was the key to wealth.
I had always wished to be a pilot working in an aviation industry. My friends also wished to pursue a career in medicine, engineering and so on. But the fact remains, securing a white collar job is not the only key to a prodigious wealth.

The journey to securing a white collar job can be fairly easy, I mean going to school, reading your books, scoring good grades and obtaining a certificate. However, this doesn’t just work like it use to again.

Each and every day, times are changing. The era where there were enough companies and industries to accommodate the graduates which annually disgorges out of the higher institutions have gone and pass away. Right, we are in the era where even the big industries cannot accommodate the profuse number of graduates that are increasingly proliferating each and every year.

Although, I was myopic then but now I decided to restructure my motive to pursue both education and business. I said to myself “instead of being an employee why can’t I be an employer of labor”

What really fascinated me a little was a young man who cruise around with a Lexus jeep and owns his own mansion which he designed with stone. This man was not working in a big company or with a big organization rather he was just distributing building materials. Business when done right could yield maximum benefit.

In this post, I would divulge to you great business you can always invest in and get very high profit.

SALES OF CARS: Although, the capital required to start up this business can be extremely high. But after starting it up, you won’t have to worry about the recession any more. Your profit after selling an individual brand new car can be very high. When you sell more than one car a day, you would be making nothing less than a million naira in a day.

Although, it may seem impossible for an average man to hold that much capital to start retailing brand new cars, so for a start you could start retailing used cars.

SUPER-MARKET: I taught it was a joke when I read that one of the biggest employers of labor was a super-market known as Wal-malt. Wal-malt makes a lot of money that even Bill-gates had to include them in his list of port-folio.

The super market business is very lucrative and makes you very rich. Set up a super market at the road side and you will see how people will keep coming in and disgorging out of it at almost every minute.

If you do not have enough money to establish a big super market, then establish a small one and upgrade it later when you realize much profit to do so.

COOKING GAS STATION: The number of people now making use of gas has surprisingly incremented on the account of civilization. Establishing your own cooking gas station would cause you to be wealthy.

ESTABLISHMENTS OF TRANSPORT STATION: If you have enough money, rather than wasting it on gambling or even investments like MMM which can cause you lose it all, why not try investing your money on a transport station? Purchase cars or bus (your choice) but bus would be preferable, choose the destination those vehicles would journey to, hire men to drive those cars, make sure you involve a lawyer and then start making real money.

One car alone could generate N100 000 every month, multiply that money by 5 cars. 

BREAD FACTORY: Bread is a food known to all classes in the stratification hierarchy. Both the rich man, the average man and the poor loves and eat bread. Setting up a bread factory is not too expensive but a common encumbrance is how to set up a bread factory.

ESTABLISHMENT OF SCHOOLS: You can invest your money in the establishment of a school. A lot of money would endlessly flow into your bank account if you own your own private school because schools go on and on. A school generates very high level of income. An evidence of this can be viewed in the high number of people now establishing their own schools. However, uniqueness is a necessity if you wish to break through the stiff competitions that arise from the number of existing schools.

ESTABLISHMENT OF A PURE WATER FACTORY: Although, water is a free gift of nature and there is simply no restriction to its access. Yet, the number of people buying well packaged treated water all indicates that people love living healthy.

This I believe is an opportunity too good to miss. You can start up your own pure water factory and start reaping the monetary benefits associated to it.

SALES OF BUILDING MATERIALS: Initially, this is not meant to be in my list because I do not know the financial gains in selling of building materials until now. I was actually convinced when I saw someone in this business making a lot of money to even buy a Lexus jeep. He even owns his own mansion which he designed with stones. 

LARGE SCALE RECHARGE CARD PRINTING: When it comes to printing recharge cards, producers are normally few because of the exiguous gains emanating from the sales of a single recharge card. Although to succeed in printing of recharge cards in small scale cries out for endurance. But when you are decided to go into printing recharge cards in large scale, you tend to make your money very fast.

However, the large scale recharge card printing business calls out for very huge capital expenses but in return drives you an enormous wealth.

ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT: Online advertisements simply mean advertisement for a company, organization or business online. This is also a very lucrative business to venture and invest in. Its capital is normally low but it however requires hard work and expertise on your part.

There are several ways you can advertise for companies, organizations or enterprises online. But in order to do so, you must have a medium to advertise with. You cannot just pop out of nowhere advertising for people on the web, what are you? A ghost.

You must have an advertising medium such as a blog or a u tube channel where you must put continuous effort to make in visible to the population you are targeting. 

CONCLUSION: There are many businesses you can invest in without regretting. To be an entrepreneur is quite interesting and cool because you can control your life without anybody scheduling how your own day should be.

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