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Part time jobs you can do as a Nigerian student to earn fifty thousand naira every month

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   It is no longer a rumor that our country’s economy (Nigeria’s economy) is experiencing dire impoverishment and is no longer favorable as before. Some many Nigerian students now find it very hard to meet up with the stated financial requirement of the school. In the quest to do so, so many of these Nigerian students seek for part time jobs or after school jobs to prove that they are not lazy.

Are you a Nigerian student? Are you looking for a part time or after-school job that will not encroach so much on your time but is capable of providing high income? Do you wish to buy under wears, clothes, snacks or meet certain primary or secondary needs without having to beg or ask your parents for money; stating the reasons for asking for the money in a conspicuous details? If yes! Then you are certainly in the right place. This article has been written for people just like you, to provide you with part-time jobs opportunity idea that will earn you a suitable amount of money to take care of some or maybe all of your needs.

If you open your inner eyes and look around your school environment, you would agree with me that schools especially those at the tertiary levels is blessed with variegated number of opportunities. These opportunities arise as a result of certain demands which are orchestrated by the presence of a problem. In providing solutions to this problem can make you very rich as a Nigerian student.

I am speaking out of experience. I have done so many part-time jobs in school that made me not to lack for money. To add veracity to this; part of the money I earned from this part time job or business was what I use to set up this blog you are beholding today. Without wasting much of your time, let us view the top list of high paying jobs in Nigeria.


 Conducting Tutorials Lecture

 Setting up a tutorial lecture for your mates, your junior colleges, those about taking jamb or those running a pre-degree program at a convenient time or at a time which would not encroach on your personal studies is a good part time job that you can do as a Nigerian student.

 Not every Nigerian student could be able to easily decipher a complicated textbook or what the lecturer taught.  Some Nigerian student suffers from lack of confidence; they feel that it is not possible for themselves to make good grades in an exam independently.

 Convincing them that you can solve their problem by offering them with tutorial lessons in return of a really cheap price can make you a lot of money.

Publishing very little guide for a course

Publishing a very small guide that summarize a particular course or that can get rid of information that is extraneous or useless and provide only useful and relevant information for an exam is another way of making money as a student. No students especially these days have the time for reading big boring textbook, they need help.

 Asides monetary gains or benefits, you are solving people problems hence you are building a name. If you can publish very little guide for almost every course, you would make yourself some real money.

Come on! Let’s do the math. For one guide, you may choose to sell it at the rate of #200 which is very cheap even for an average student. If 200 students should buy your guide, you would be making up to #200 x 200= #40 000.00. If you are hard working enough and decided to publish and sell more than one course guide, you would be making up to #100 000 - #150 000. 


 Assignment is endemic to every learning environment especially at the tertiary level. Ding assignment for people in exchange of money could enable you meet certain financial needs.

Running projects works

Every Nigerian student at a higher level is mandated to develop his/her project work. However, not all students have the intellectual or sometimes the time to this. This is an opportunity for you. These project works are very expensive which means more income to your pocket. However, I would personally advise to focus on just one student project work because this task can be extremely cumbersome


Blogging is another part time job that you could do as a Nigerian student. Blogging is now made very easy even as a marketing, fine art etc student which may not have deep understanding of the use of computers.  If you can open a face-book account by just signing in, you can as well find it very easy to open your personal blog and start making money. You can do this with no cost at all, just click on any of the below free blogging platform to get


Compilation of past questions

 You could also locate, organize and compile past questions, put a cover or a name on it indicating who you are. This is not hard at all because it does not require your intellectuals because the questions are not composed by you but are rather compiled by you.

 However, in other to break through the stiff competition, you would need to do better than just compiling questions of previous years; you would need to provide intelligent answers to these questions. You could do this by simply consulting textbooks (you could borrow the textbook if you do not have one), you could also view other published past questions and answers of that same course but try to avoid completely bastardizing someone’s work.

 In order to successfully succeed at this, you would need to develop a network of relationship between a particular serious student of each level or simply their course representative; this will enable you collect and organize questions of the past years consistently. The past questions should be organize during the holiday, this is not compulsory but it leads to better organization.

 Asides compiling and publishing this past questions and answers manually, you could also set up a websites or blog that houses the information electronically, enabling students to access its content remotely i.e. from different location. Users would be able to access the past questions and answers free of charge (telecommunication charges are an exception).  In other to achieve you would to develop a personal blog and sign up with Google ad sense.


 As a student, you could sell your service to so many online organization or companies. There are so many websites online that needs a freelancer. You could offer the service of writing, editing articles etc. Some require you to spend one hour from every of your single day, while other requires you to spend more. 

Advertise Online Website (Blogs)

 Although, if you happen to be newbie in the blogging world, you wouldn’t quite know of the rigorous stress and time to drive traffic or to make your blog known to the world. So many bloggers had quite the blogging career due to the ideal that they cannot achieve that much traffic needed to help them earn a substantial amount of money to earn a living. As a strategy, some blogs are ready to pay advertisers to advertise their blogs for them through channels like face book, Google plus, instagram, twitter, whatsapp and many more in return for money. As a Nigerian student, I will say this is an opportunity; you can grab it now while it is still on.

 Some of the online websites that actually pay are;

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