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English language job opportunities in Nigeria

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English language job opportunities in Nigeria


The language handed over to us by the British has not only solved the problem of disparity in communication but has also paved the way to a variegated number of opportunities.
One of the reasons I find so much predilection in the English language degree is its ability to decrease the rate of level of emphasis laid on certificates. What I mean to say is that it is very easy to differentiate between a first class graduate and a third class graduate in the field of English language even without looking at the certificate.

This is because the knowledge acquired from studying English language at a higher institute is meant to influence your use of grammar, oral, communication skills and so on.


Some people believe that English language degree is not associated with much job or career opportunities. Most times, this believe is being fueled by the fact that the female gender pre-dominates the English language profession. In other words, the English language profession is chased by more women than men

However, the situation of more women pursuing a degree in English language than the men is plausible or true but the view that there is low career or job opportunity in the English language profession is erroneous or untrue.


These are the job opportunities available to graduates in the field of English language.

TEACHING PROFESSION: Graduates in the field of English language can work as lecturers or school teachers depending on the level of education they find themselves.

The exquisite use of English language is so important to every student in any discipline to the extent that the minister of education have to include English language as a compulsory subject to the curriculum of every level. So, you won’t lack job if you wish to be an educationist.

ENTERPRISE OR ORGANIZATIONS: Graduates in the field of English language do work with big firms or organization. I know that you may be wondering about the roles they perform in an enterprise or an organization.

Graduates in the field of English language are not responsible for the operations of machines neither are they involved in making decisions or even executing the objective of an organization or firm. Graduates of English language are responsible for the production of the archives, magazines and so on that concerns such organization or firm they may find themselves in.

PRESENTERS: Presenters are those who act as an intermediary between celebrities or glitterati and the general public. Just the same way a journalist would go about collecting data about events which are presented as NEWS, graduates in the field of English language are also employed to collect data from this celebrities or glitterati and present them to you and I usually during a TV program

LITERATURE WORKS: Novelist, playwright, poet etc. are some of the titles ascribed to writers of literary works. These writers can be very rich, popular and respected if they are hardworking enough. Some of the scholars of English language whom has flagged up the importance of literal works are Wole Sole Yinka, Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda Achihie, etc.

SCRIPT WRITERS: The success of the movie and animation industry solely depends on script writers. Script writers are those professionals that compose the stories that are acted by actors and actresses. This is not an easy task at all; however it is the duty of graduates in the field of English language to write these scripts.

In Nigeria, being a script writer of a movie industry is not that easy because script writers are not selected base of qualifications only but are also selected base on the ugly phenomenon of “You must know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody”

MASS MEDIA: In some universities in Nigeria, the discipline “mass communication” has been renamed to linguistics and communication studies. Linguistics and communication studies is an English related course which draws dire attention to the communication skills. Graduate of the discipline “English language” can work in mass media to deliver NEWS to the general public. They can also present such NEWS in written form.

BANKS: Banks also employ graduates of English language. Graduates of English language would be very useful in the bank especially at the customer care unit of the bank which involves interaction with clients who seek help to bank related problems.


A lot of companies, organization etc. seek graduates in the field of English language. However, the very big obstacle that would impede a graduate of English language from an opportunity to be hired and start earning a six figures salary is a lackadaisical attitude towards learning.

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