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Chemical engineering job opportunities in Nigeria

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Chemical engineering job opportunities in Nigeria

Chemical engineering involves the design and operation of industrial equipment and methods to manufacture chemical product.
It can be simply known as the study of the design and use of machines in industrial chemical process.

Chemical engineering in Nigeria is well known and established. The number of industries available in Nigeria is capable of obliterating the fear of unemployment in the minds of graduates in the field of chemical engineering.

Searching for a graduate in the field of chemical engineering in secondary and primary schools is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is assumed that they are scarce in the secondary and primary level of education. 

Chemical engineering job opportunities in Nigeria:

Oil and gas industries: Chemical engineers work in oil and gas industries together with other engineers in field like petroleum and gas engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering and so on. Chemical engineers design and operate industrial equipments found in these oil and gas industries. Some of the oil and gas industries found in Nigeria include Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Chevron, forte oil, Exxon mobil etc.


These industries produce chemical substances that are obtainable from petroleum oil or natural gas. For instance, oil refinery which extracts kerosene, petrol, diesel, petroleum jelly, gasoline and so on is a petrochemical industry. Chemical engineers in a petrochemical industry designs, maintain and operate the industrial equipments or devices and methods needed for the production of these petrochemical products.

Nuclear industry: Chemical engineers also work with nuclear engineers in the production of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is a powerful form of energy produced by splitting the nuclei or the central of atoms. It is used to produce electricity.

Food processing industries: Chemical engineers also work in food processing industries with other disciplines or field of study. Chemical engineers design, maintain as well as operate the industrial equipments which promote the greater productivity of processed food.

Environmental protection agencies: Chemical engineers can also work as a team with environmental engineers, biochemists and other disciplines to protect the environment from harmful pollutants.


To be a chemical engineer requires you to have passion or love for mathematics, physics and chemistry. For the higher institute, you would be required to solve advanced mathematical problems. Apart from the criteria of having deep understanding of the principles of chemistry; physics and mathematics, you are required to innovate and to have problem solving skills. This is because in the modern industries, you would come across several challenges and problems, where you are expected to surmount these challenges with your thinking ability.


In order to study chemical engineering in the higher institution, you would be required to pass the following subjects as presented by jamb; English language, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Jamb would also as usual present 100 English language questions, 50 chemistry questions, 50 physics, and 50 mathematical questions.  Rigorous study is needed to be played on your part to gain admission into a five year chemical engineering program in the higher institution of your choice.

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