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What can I do with a degree in Biochemistry (Biochemistry job opportunities) In Nigeria?

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         What IS BIOCHEMISTRY AND WHAT  can I do with a degree in Biochemistry? (Biochemistry job opportunities In Nigeria)
  Before I divulge to you the various opportunities that awaits a graduate of biochemistry in Nigeria, it is pertinent to know what biochemistry is all about and what it entails.

The word “Biochemistry” can be broken down into two separate terms ‘Bio’ and ‘chemistry’

·        Bio- This simply means life

·        Chemistry- This involves the properties, composition and behavior of matter. It can also be said to be the scientific study of the structure of substances, how they react when combined or in contact with one another, and how they behave under different conditions.

Biochemistry can therefore be said to be the chemistry of life. It entails the chemical structure and behavior of living things. WIKIPEDIA postulated that biochemistry is the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. Therefore biochemistry is sometimes refers to as biological chemistry.

The field of biochemistry has nearly uncovered the entire life science. As a biochemist or aspiring biochemist, it is your duty to be aware that biochemical processes is what gave birth to the complexity of life in all living things.

The knowledge of how food is broken down to produce nutrients which is essential for growth and the continuity of life, the knowledge of the roles, functions, and structure of bio-molecules are some of the fascinating discoveries of biochemistry.

Biochemistry makes use of the knowledge of molecular genetics, protein science and metabolism to explain life processes. These are the three field of biochemistry (molecular genetics, protein science and metabolism).


Biochemistry is interested in life. Therefore, it studies the life of humans, animals and plants. Biochemistry is however needed in three primary areas which are;

1.     Medicine

2.     Nutrition

3.     Agriculture


 The knowledge of biochemistry happens to be a very important aspect of medicine and is therefore included in the medicine curriculum of every higher institute. In the field of medicine, biochemistry helps to investigate the causes and cure to disease since its findings has almost uncovered nearly the entire life processes of living organism. 


 A larger percentage of disease and sickness is caused by intake of harmful substances. A biochemist studies ways to improve health wellness through healthy intake of food substances. The knowledge of the six classes of food (protein, carbohydrates, fat and oil, mineral and water), its functions is one of the discoveries of a biochemist. Here, they are known as nutritional biochemist.


 A biochemist studies the various chemical reactions that are needed to improve the wellness of animals and plant.

  With the help of the above three primary areas that a biochemist is needed, the job opportunities of a biochemist can be easily provided.


NAFDAC: The acronym ‘NAFDAC’ stands for ‘National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration Control’. NAFDAC is a governmental organization that has been organized to regulate the production as well as the usage of food and drugs in Nigeria.

 As Nigeria grows old, the quest of survival becomes imperative. On the account of this, the production of food and drugs has experienced a tremendous increase. Some of these foods or drugs are posing a serious threat to humanity. Without proper knowledge of how these drugs or food could chemically affect men, NAFDAC would fail to accomplish the very purpose it was created for.

 A biochemist is extremely needed in the NAFDAC governmental organization since they can investigate the chemical structure and composition of food and drugs and can be able to explain the possible outcome when those food and drugs are digested by either man or animals.

Biochemist can work with all the regulatory bodies in Nigeria that control drugs and food usage.

FOOD PROCESSING FIRMS: Food processing firms are those companies or industries which produce processed food at a large scale. This firms or industry usually generate large amount of revenue every year on account of the increased consumption of these food. We have so many food processing firms in Nigeria. Among these foods processing firms include Maltina firm, coca- cola, peak milk firm, indomie industry and so on.

Do you know that a biochemist can work in a food processing firm in Nigeria? Definitely! A food processing firm like every other company or organization is a system which is composed of different parts which are interrelated and interdependently connected to each other which are all working together to produced refined food. A biochemist happens to be an important figure in a food processing firm since they understand and posses the knowledge of nutrition.

Feed production firms: Although, you may be surprised to know that a biochemist could work in a feed producing firm. A lot of people may think that the production of feed for animals is the clear responsibility of an agriculturist. However, this is a very big misconception.  Agriculture is all about the science and act of rearing animals and the cultivation of plants; they deal with the production of food etc. at its raw state. They are responsible for producing raw milk but not processed milk, they are users of machinery but not producers of machinery, they are the users of feed but not the producers of feed etc.

 Biochemistry is importantly divided into three primary areas;

·        Medicine

·        Nutrition

·        Agriculture

In agriculture, biochemists are responsible for the production of feed. Biochemist studies, research or investigates the effects of feed on a livestock. Through the application of the science of metabolism they can predict if the feed will enhance the growth of the animal and leads to better performance.

FORENSIC SCIENCE SERVICE: Forensic science is connected with the scientific tests used by the police when trying to solve a crime. A biochemist can work hand in hand with the police in solving crimes that are deviously covered up. A biochemist through the application of scientific principles can easily uncover any form of secreted mischief.

However, forensic science is not given recognition in Nigeria. Truly, the nation Nigeria needs to be developed so that some disciplines offered at the higher institution can reach their full potential therefore boosting the number of job opportunities and drastically extenuating unemployment.

Environmental agency: A biochemist can work together with environmental agents to protect the environment. Biochemist as an environment agent are passionate about the environment, they help fight against the various chemical harms against life on land, in the water and on the air.

Health service: The hospital consist of different medical related professions which all collaboratively to ensure that humans remain alive and healthy. Although, the medical doctor remains the paramount head to every health care centre, but other medical courses like micro-biology, biochemistry, pharmacy etc. cannot in any way be treated negligible.

Researchers: Biochemists are purely researchers. All the knowledge and findings of a biochemist is gotten from researches. A biochemist does not encourage knowledge or ideas that is nebulous or vague in nature and has not been clearly evaluated by research. There are a number of research institute that you can apply at as a biochemist. Some of these research institutes include;

Fertilizers producing firms: Biochemist studies the various chemical substances in relation to their effects on lives. But life, I do not only refer to human beings, I am also referring to both animals and plants. A biochemist conduct researches and tries to produce the best fertilizers that will lead to better growth of plants or crops. These fertilizers are then bought and use by agriculturist. 

Higher institution: Graduates of biochemist can also lecturer in various higher institutions in Nigeria once they have their masters or a doctorate degree.

Conclusion: Do not limit yourself to the above job opportunities provided. Most employers are willing to employ graduates of any discipline. Just make sure you make good grades.

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