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About aeronautical engineering and its job opportunities in Nigeria

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About aeronautical engineering and its job opportunities in Nigeria

 Aeronautical engineering involves the research, design, production and maintenance of aircraft, spacecraft, aerospace equipments, satellites and missiles. The activities involved in aeronautical engineering sounds quite interesting, that is normally the reason why so many people wish to acquire a degree in aeronautical engineering, another reason is the salary size.

In developed countries of the world, aeronautical engineering as a discipline and as a career is very much established. However, in Nigeria, aeronautical engineering as a discipline and as a career is still at its embryonic stage.

I am not writing all these to disillusion you from studying aeronautical engineering in Nigeria because there are no reasons for that. The fact will always remain; change is constant. Few years from now, we might just experience a powerful change that might just influence the aeronautic industry in Nigeria for good. But for now, we will have to manage what we have.


Airlines: Aeronautical engineers can be found working in airlines. Airlines are company or industry that provides regular flights to take passengers and goods to different places. We have so many airlines that are big employers of aeronautical engineers. A very illustrious airline found in Nigeria is the famous Arik Air.

University: Aeronautical engineers may choose to pursue a career in the teaching profession. Aeronautical engineers can work as lecturers in aeronautical engineering schools in the tertiary level. We have very few universities that offer admission into an accredited aeronautical engineering programme.

Government establishment: Externally or outside the field or areas in aeronautical engineering, aeronautical engineers can also work in establishments by the federal government of Nigeria.

Missed job opportunities for aeronautical engineers in Nigeria but not lost

The country’s (Nigeria) lack of improvement has led to a lot holes in the career or job opportunities in the field aeronautical engineering. There are still some industries that are yet to be incepted in Nigeria. For instance, nobody is talking about establishing Nigeria’s own aerospace industry therefore extenuating unemployment in Nigeria and encouraging research in the field of aeronautics.

In an aerospace industry, the aeronautical engineer happens to be the major engineer. The aeronautical engineer plays the role of building aircrafts, vehicles and equipment to be launched into space.


Anybody can desire to have to be a aeronautical engineer, but to ascertain that is the right career path for you, try and answer this questions within your heart because no one can lie to his or herself.

·        Do you have interest to become an aeronautical engineer in Nigeria?

·        Do you have that burning passion to become an aeronautical engineer?

·        Do you love physics?

·        How good are you in solving mathematical problems?

·        Do you like chemistry?

·        Do you enjoy working as a team with other people to accomplish set out objectives?

·        Are you curious?

·        How do you feel when you hear words like science, technology and inventions?
I may not know the answers to your every question, but with these questions

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