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How to make a huge amount of money from agricultural business.

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  How to Make a Colossal Amount of Money from Agriculture



                        The intrinsic and instrumental roles of agriculture in promoting the national and international economic development are in general, indisputable. The most basic contributions of agriculture to the economy, is of course, the supply of foodstuff to the populace, and the provision of employment and the means of livelihood to those engaged in it. But beyond these, agriculture also provides raw materials for industry and contributes to the improvement of the nation foreign exchange position through exports as well as savings in import.
                       However, so many people has an idealize view of agriculture, so many people erroneously believe practicing agriculture offers, but a very low interest of money, which makes colossal number of people chase or pursue after white collar jobs like medicine, engineering, estate management, computer science, banking, and so on.
                       On sober reflection, let us imagine a world, where everyone refuses to be a farmer or everyone refuses to practice agriculture including the government. I am so sure the world would be an unhealthy place to live in, as there is no food to sustain me and you. President Mohammed Buhari of the country, Nigeria declared a law which hindered the importation of rice into the country; this led to an unpleasant situation in the country, Nigeria, as Nigeria economy broke her precious leg.
                      However, so many people neglect themselves from the activities of agriculture  because of their believe, the believe that agriculture offers a low interest of money, however that believe is true, when we do not orientate ourselves with certain principles.
                      Firstly, a lot of people are ignoramus on the practice and activities of agriculture, they believe agriculture is all about planting, harvesting and taking care of farm animals, they forgot that agriculture is meant to be practice in the best intelligent end economic way, methods that include pest control, preservation, storage, shifting cultivation, crop rotating and so on should not be neglected. When a novice in agriculture tends to practice agriculture without proper orientation, he or she tends to realize little profit from agriculture. So many farmer may venture into agricultural business like planting and harvesting of rice without knowing the pest of rice, the preventive measure to be taken in order to exterminate pest or disease proliferation, the type of fertilizer to be used in order to enhance the growth of the crop, the right quantity of fertilizer to be used, the right technique to be installed while planting and harvesting of the crop.
            Secondly, let us not forget the land tenure and acquisition policy of every country. Every agriculturist which is ignoramus or refuses to abide to the land tenure and acquisition policy in his or her country has his or herself to be blamed.
        Application of Business Principles To Agriculture In Order To Earn Much From Agriculture
               They are certain principles to be followed to be very successful in everything we do in life, they are other knowledge we must acquire in order to earn much from agriculture. We must familiarize ourselves with certain business and marketing principles.                  
·                   In order to make a huge or colossal amount of money from agriculture, you must be ready to put in a colossal amount of money which would serve as the capital, thus applying the economics law of supply which states that “All things being equal, the higher the price, the higher the quantity of commodity that would be supplied or the lower the price, the lower the quantity of quantity of the commodity that would be supplied. Therefore in order to make a huge amount of profit from agriculture, you must be able to take the risk of putting in a lot of money in order to employ suitable virility manpower, fertilizers, land, machines, storage areas, crop seeds, in order to realize profitable harvests.
          However, the dream of putting in a huge amount of money to actualize earning a gigantic amount of money from agriculture may seem unrealistic, as many farmers may not have such money, but on sober reflection, there is no crime in starting small.
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