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Advertising Tips to grow your audience speedily.

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            Advertising Tips to grow your audience speedily.


       Advertising can be defined as any paid form of non-personal communication which is directed to the customers or targeted audience through various media in order to present and promote products, services and ideas. Advertisement is aimed towards creating awareness for a particular product or service which of course must be paid for. 
     Advertisement is more like picking up a really big horn and blowing it up high to the ears of everyone around you and to the hearing of everyone that are far for the purpose of stealing their attention and drawing them closer to you. Advertisement is done to create awareness; it is done so that a multitudinous number of people can know exactly what you do or what you want to offer them.
  Advertising tends to inform, educates and persuades people to buy the advertise goods and services you have to offer.    

                                                                                                            The Basic Concepts of Advertisement


      When we talk about advertising we must be able to talk about the basic concepts of advertisement. These basic concepts are the fundamental to any effective advertisement; these basic concepts must be highly and strictly considered to grow your audience more than your expected desire.
  You must learn to put these concepts in mind each and every time you wish to advertise. These basic concepts are;

        Theme is the important message which the advertise wishes to communicate with the crowds. You must learn to develop an effective message will drive thousands or even millions of audience to you. You must develop a message that persuasive, attractive and appealing. It is important to know that the message to be passed depends on your environment or audience. If your target audiences are teenagers, speak in the language that they would understand, speak that word that will excite and attract them.
      If you want to advertise any item or product, you need to create a great message, creating a very great message is a awesome advertising strategy, for instance; If you intend advertising an electronic cell phone, they are certain thing you must do. You must think of the things people desire in a cell phone, you must think of those things that will satisfy and impress your targeted audience; this of course is the motto of the whirligig market. In an attempt to create a message that would be used to drive your targeted audience to buy the electronic cell phone you have to offer, you must sometimes neglect what you feel is needed in an electronic cell phone and get listen to other people opinion.
Ask Questions: The only way you can know what people desire in a phone is to ask questions. The knowledge you get from sitting down and imagining what people would expect from your product or the service you offer would be less effective, trust me, it is just a matter of conjecture that is hardly true or false, I would call it knowledge under probability. But if you can take that bold step and get up from your couch which is making you an idler, work around and ask question, you would simply get the real truth of what people are expecting from a particular product.
    Note:   You should be aware that you must ask a sample of your target audience for instance your target audience is the female sex and you spend time finding out what a female desire from a particular product or service from a man, the answer that would pocket in, would be 70% of lies and 30% of truth.
 You must learn to ask at least three or four of a sample target what they would desire in the products or services you want to offer or sale. The knowledge you get from asking a sample of your targeted audience would be more effective, it would be a great tool to advertise with.
   Let me make use of an instance; If you want to advertise a cell phone, you simply need ask a teenager what they desire in a cell phone, this is because teenagers are very vibrant and uses cell phones a lot, you will hardly see a teenager without a cell phone. Most teenagers would use a cell phone for something less important like watching the latest movie, downloading and listening to songs, playing games and so on, some teenagers use their cell phones in the right way, they make use of their cell phones to browse the web to research and also for communication purposes.
   You must also see some set of adult as a target audience when intending to advertise a cell phone, I mean adult that has not reach the age of retirement. You can ask business men and women, professionals in a particular field or diverse field, entrepreneurs, marketers, librarians and so on. These adult uses a cell phone for mostly business purposes like the creation of huge databases and managing it, monitoring financial statistics, they also use it for communication purposes, so there must be something unique they want from a cell phone.
    When you decide to spend time in knowing the uses of cell phones of both teenagers and adults, you will tend to create an effective message which will attract a huge number of audiences.

         The target refers to the targeted audience, so in other words, the target is the reason why the message was created, and the target is the people the advertisement is aimed at.
How to knowing Your target audience? Creating a very effective message without knowing your target is more like throwing a valuable object into the sea. When you created, develop or improved the product or service you wish to offer and to advertise, you must have thought of that particular set of people you wish to influence with your product, you need to know if your target audience are babies, children, teenagers, adult, old women, old men, engineers, newscasters, knowledge seekers, entrepreneurs, gamer and so on.
What do you have to offer?  What you have to offer would certainly determine your target audience, do you wish to offer services that would solve a hair related matter like the provision of hair wigs, then your target audience would be the female sex, if you wish to provide pampers for babies, your target audience is the babies. If you wish to sell perfumes, your target audience should be the people of the age bracket (12-50) years, if you wish to make games; your target audience should be the children, teenagers and sometimes adults.
Why must I know my target audience? Knowing your target audience would widen your vision, instead of focusing on the general view, you would focus on a specific view. This will give you more control over the situation.
Advertising medium: This is simply the medium through which the message is passed. There are so many channels to advertise your business today, but lack of an effective means to advertise through the  use of the channel  would make those channels do you know good at all, in fact the outcome would be discouraging.
Note: The advertising medium is an intermediary between your message and the target, proper use of it would take your business to a whole new height.
4. Frequency

     This is the number of time an advert is delivered.
What should be the frequency of my advert: They should not be a limited number of times you should deliver an advert. However, advertisement should be done on logical bases or after critical reasoning. You must be able to sit down and take a look at the performance result after advertisement has been conducted. If you keep on advertising without continuous observation, you will surely put your business in a bad shape.
Why must I observe: After series of advertisement has been conducted, you must learn to observe the statistics related to the size of your audience, you really need to know if your audience are increasing, decreasing or there is no change at all; you need to know whether the advert which was delivered has brought about a change.
     At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that advertisement is usually done for a cost; it is then imprudent to not observe the result or changes brought about by the delivered advert. Therefore lack of observation would lead to failure in promotion through the power of advertisement.
  When you observe the result brought by advertising, you would be informed on the next step to take to enhance productivity; you may even choose to make use of a different advertising medium

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